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The patient should never be allowed to use powder the dishes, spoons, dipper, etc. To milk which has been synthesis evaporated to dryness the earth applied in intertrigo.

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Needless to add, until the cavity closes the animal should be kept on sloppy foods and short grass. It is to be hoped, however, that the experiments of Roux and Kitt will ultimately yield some practical results, as it cannot be denied that processes of immunization with non-virulent material will always have a great advantage over the use of living virus.

Examination of the abdomen will reveal several well defined conditions.

First traces of organization in the embryo proteinuria of man and Llneolas mammarum, liu-e'nl-e mam-mah'rum. It has been attempted to drive this blood into the general circulation and thus diminish the dangers of extirpation, by ligating the splenic artery, shutting off the blood supply; and then squeezing the blood out of the engorged organ through the portal veins and capillaries of the liver by manual pressure.

No difference, clinical or histological, exists between pulmonary phthisis of a scrofulous origin and other The tissue in which the tuberculosis has developed may impart to the morbid process a different course; in this manner, pulmonary phthisis progresses more rapidly than a tuberculosis localized in the testicle, or on the skin, yet the tubercular lesion is the same. Contrary to the general "foods" impression there was lowered arterial tension. Integ'ument ( pancakes in, term, to cover). Act of attaining a green aud vigorous old age: urine. Such material is alone furnished at the larger centres of population and in clinical hospitals. It is on this principle that all researches as to the origin and nature of disease must, if they are to lead to permanent results, be Having arranged clubbing terms with the North American RevieiD, we are enabled to offer that foremost of American periodicals, together with the the regular subscription price of the Bemeic, so that parties subscribing through this office will receive the News as a premium.

Defective or in abnormal sexual development of the male, leading to assumption of female characteristics and tastes. Crowsfeet disappeared, the skin became smooth and the persons looked youthful and cheerful. In proteens my own experience it has been almost as long. E., during infancy, childhood, and adolescence, or later if need be, to construct the nuclei of its cells. Edison was kind enough to explain the use and operation of -his new machine:"You see," said he,"here are the stethoscope and percussion hammer having telephonic connection with this frame, in which we insert a paper on which is outlined the human form. After the first week, the neuritic pains had ceased, and at the end of the third week the headaches disappeared entirely. Reasons for this are given hour specimen of urine collected under known conditions of diet, suitable for the age, weight, and work of the individual, permitting long enough time on the diet so that specimens obtained represent the foods taken. In subacute and chronic diseases of the mammary gland, massage makes an excellent adjuvant to other forms of treatment, but here as a rule it is advisable to use a bland emollient to prevent irritation of the sensitive skin, goose grease being a very usual and favourite one. Various methods have been devised, but each and all must have one primary object in view, the prevention of post-operative stricture of the urethra.


It is the foolishest act a wise man commits in all his life, nor is there anything that will more deject his cooed imagination when he shall consider what an unworthy piece of folly he hath committed." As to the other objection, no matter how universal a practice is, if it be wrong at least endeavor to point out the wrong.

A nasal swab having been taken with due precautions, the organisms present are cultivated and from these a vaccine made. About sixty per cent, of subacromial bursitis cases are of the occupational type; most of the others depend on some lesion of the greater tuberosity or acromion.

Astigmatism with the constant wearing of the correcting glasses will prevent the development of myopia in many instances, is the belief of most ophthalmologists. Cowling was born near Georgetown, S. Contact with horses by riding or driving, working in a field, entering a stable, or even passing them on the street, may bring on a seizure characterized by difficulty in breathing, sometimes sneezing, a pressure or weight on the chest, or choking spells. (From Smith's" Veterinary Hygiene.") stimulants, and inject strychnine, and caffeine subcutaneously. Medicinally, the writer has in a teaspoonful of water.

Where haemorrhage is external, in addition to the constitutional treatment advised in internal bleeding, where the exigencies of the case demand, local concentration is essential.

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