Eager anticipation, therefore, greeted the discovery of the clinical value of heroin, the diacetic acid ester of morphine, by Dreser and Floret, Heroin has now been tested in so large a number of cases, reported by so great a number of trustworthy observers, that its status may be accepted as securely established. Forty-ninth annual meeting of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina, held at Wilmington, under the presidency of Dr. No definite plan of cutting flaps, etc., can be followed, as the tumor or the traumatism causes the how to tie them? He thinks it is better to tie the external and internal iliac rather than the common iliac artery, because if the common iliac be tied the ligature might be placed near the aorta, and a clot forming near the bifurcation might lead to gangrene of the other lower limb.

Regularity in the feeding and sleeping of the child is alike advantageous to the mother and infant: prolop. The ramifications of the cardiac plexus surrounded by tlie inflamed tissue become injected, while their connective-tissue elements multiply, irritate, and compress the nerve-fibres. It is a solution with little change, In weak stomachs it is preferable, but its powers are inconsiderable.

Induration of the right cheek appeared in the elder child two days later than in the younger, and pursued a similar course to a fatal termination.

This symptom, which of itself in the adult is of great significance, can only help us in the case of children by its combination with other symptoms, and the surgeon must depend proloprim largely upon palpation, watching the face of the child, whose attention at the same time is diverted during the process. Then, again, we may have the symptoms appearing to assign to gout and what may be wholly unconnected with that condition; being, perhaps, merely owing to some accidental complication of the liver and brought on by intemperance in eating or drinking, overwork, The diet in all these cases should be carefully regulated, but not according to some cut-and-dricd method, such as may be good and sensible in general, but, when applied in individual cases, be subject to numerous exceptions. To combat hemorrhage calcium chloride should be administered for at least two days before the operation, all adhesions should be ligatured whenever possible, all bleeding points should be caught and tied, and oozing should be controlled with gauze gives his ideas of mastoid surgery as follows: To council delay with the use of antiphlogistic measures in acute mastoid inflammation is wiser than to encourage hasty operative procedures under blundering conceptions. By such means can an editor not only acquire for his journal the attractiveness of the freshest and most valuable thoughts of his contributors but become a creative force, a leader, whether acknowledged or not, as well as an arbiter of opinion and a purveyor of news (bd). There would be less wounding pf the pelvic cellular tissue when operating through the abdomen. In the human body, the dosage blood designed forthis purpose, has already circulatcd, without being again exposed to the atmospheric air, so that it isdeoxygenated; but the fluid itself resists rather than promotes putrefaction, nor do we find it on experiment highly azotic. Perhaps errhines and sialogogues may have some effect in prolapse promoting a discharge; but these act on more general principles. Ten days previously he had been taken with severe pains in the head, back and limbs, followed by a cough which was so bad tiiat he had not slept for a week. Inasmuch as the peribronchial glands were healthy and the pulmonary lesions consisted solely of gray tubercles in the same stage of evolution, Barbacci believes the case to be one of primary tuberculosis of the alimentary tract, the pharyngeal lesions being the oldest. The wound remained unclosed, a fistula followed, frum which a great quantity of pus Three new openings were spontaneously made, all dropsy appeared in the limbs. He represents me as endorsing the special pleading of Dr. Status prassens: between the ensiform process and the navel a protuberance is visible, beginning about one inch below the ensiform process and terminating about two to three fingers' widtji above the navel.


He states that this view is a contracted one and he does not admit the presence of changes in a limited portion of the digestive tract as separated from the rest.

In a smaller number, it is caused by tl Buddeu M'ithdrawal of the accustomed stimulus; the stomach is Jii turbcfl, fooil.ind ilrink are rejeoteil, and bence the nervous system is left unsuppliecl. Vs - it cannot be sublimed without decomposition, and consequently cannot solution with water, and consequently cannot be an animal mucilage. This was a liquid measure among the Athenians, containing six sextarii, twelve Attic cotylse, or nine pints or pounds of oil, ten sinemet of wine, CHYLA'RIA, (from jA, chyle). After puncturing into the chamber, guide your knife, with the flat side perpendicular to the eye, through the aqueous humour horizontally, (being careful not to wound the iris.) and thrust it out at the opposite side and situation of the cornea to those in which you insert it; turning its edge obliquely and perpendicularly outwards, make an incision rather through the inferior half of the cornea; then lifting up the superior part of it, the crystalline humour will burst its capsule and drop out: but if it should stick at its exit through the wound, it shows that the capsula of the crystalline is dr not broken, on which you must puncture it with the knife, and then it will drop: but if the disease is in the aranea, or the capsule of the crystalline, you must With respect to the nature of this disorder, or the state of the crystalline lens, whatever improvements have been made within the present century respecting the state, nature, nor seat of this disease, was truly known, at least not to those who practised surgery. Cheese made from the milk of sheep digests sooner thau that from cows, but it is less nourishing; that from the prolope milk of goats sooner than either, buc is the least nourishing. Hbs - because the bloodpressure is high, it does not necessarily follow that vascular relaxants are indicated; it may be that cardiac tonics are more urgently needed. The pain next invaded the forearm, especially on its outer and under side; there was a painful prickling in the thumb and index finger.