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African Nero

Granite, China

COUNTRY: SOUTH AFRICA- The Bosspruit region, Rustenburg
COLOR: Dark Grey
HARDNESS: Not Available
ALSO CALLED: Afrika Schwarz, Black Impala, Eagle Black, Impala Black, Impala Gabbro, Impala Granit, Impala KM, Impala Nero, Impala Schwarz, Jasberg, Marikana, Marikana Black, Negro Impala, Negro Rustemberg, Negro Rustemburg, Negro Sudafrica, Nero Africa, Nero Africa, Nero Africa Impala, Nero Afrika, Nero Impala Africa, Nero Impala Afrika, Nero Rustemberg, Noir Afrique, Preto SK, Rustenberg, Rustenberg Grey, Rustenberg Impala, Rustenburg, Rustenburg Grey
SIMILAR STONES: Academy Black, Andes Black, Cambrian Black, Jet Mist
SCIENTIFIC TERMINOLOGY: European Standard: Gabbro/ US and Chinese Markets: Granite
USES INCLUDE: Countertops, Table Tops, Monuments, Flooring, Wall Cladding

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