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Absolute Black

Granite, USA

Absolute black is black dark in color with tiny gray partiles spread acress.The original Absolute Black, also known as Sutareboda, is the name for a Swedish black granite which has been quarried for many years.Probably the most famous Swedish black granite is Ebony Black. It is very hard and durable, takes a beautiful polish and has an almost metallic ""ringing"" tone when struck with a hammer and chisel. It is also very expensive.Depending from which quarry it originates it is known as Hallandia AKF No 1, AKF No 25, EGC Black Fined Granied, EGC Black and SS1. Its properties: 1) Low water absorption
2) Hard with excellent weather durability
3) Popular colored, ideal building material
4) Finishes: polished, flamed, bush hammered 5)The other similar stones are: BELFAST BLACK South Africa, NERO ZIMBABWE, SWEDISH BLACK Sweden, IMPERIAL BLACK Australia, and all stones

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