Personally, he felt that in severe conditions demanding surgical interference the fact that the patient might die from operation was not a reason for refusing operation. In four tabetic cases the patients all gained in weight, from six to twelve pounds.

The systematic descriptions of the various bacteria have been extended where necessary; thus butter, grass, and other acidfast bacilli have found a place with tubercle. And what shall we say of those women who suflPer from endometritis, displacements and numerous pelvic diseases, and yet pamf al menstraation is anknown to them, while women having normal ovaries, tubes and uteri suffer tortures at each menstrual period? This brings us within the domain of (c) Constitutional dysmenorrhea: Under this classification may be found the anemic, chlorotic, neurasthenic, overworked and Many of these are of healthy parentage, endowed with a heritage of robustness, and at the age of puberty possess every apparent perquisite of health. Moreover, the public cannot, even if it would, support in comfort a large body of physicians. It impairs the vitality of the protecting layer of epithelium, and paves the way for the entrance of septic organisms; and there is a fair amount of evidence to show that long-continued and repeated attacks of congestion are one of the factors in accelerating the growth of the "use" prostate itself. The soldier who, to escape military duty, malingers comes under the eye of the medical officer and should be detected. That we instruct our inspectors at the Michigan I Iwrder to accept and allow to pass all baggage bearing eyi I dence from a properly authorized Dominion or Provincial! officer that it has been disinfected in accordance with the' rules of this Board, unless there is reason to believe that such baggage has been infected since leaving the Canadian I Jiefolred, That the above resolution be inserted in the The greatest danger of the introduction of disease into Michigan, at least so far as it is practicable to guard against it, is in the baggage of immigrants; for the reason that the quarantine and immigration inspections at our Eastern seaboard are to stop any person actually sick with a dangerous communicable disease. The dust records enable one to locate dusty places and conditions, and suggest methods of preventing dust. The respiration-rate is increased and the pulse-rate lowered. Those who petulantly exclaim against botheration with" the diphthong or an' e' simple," usually mean thereby that the e-simple faddists should not bother with the diphthong-sensible folk.

Edition of Dunglison's Medical Dictionary is announced as in press for early publication. Finally, the natural drainages must be kept open, and, while particular attention is paid to the bowels, the kidneys and the skin must not be neglected. The Pan-American Medical Congress possesses the power of to convene in the City of Mexico, three years hence. Hence the dream in which the lion personated the lacking attributes of her aged fiance. Personally, I know no such laws, I know of no such etiquette, I know of nothing that makes a medical man any diJEferent from any other ordinary gentleman; and if you were to ask me to define medical etiquette, I should say to you, as I have said many times before, it is nothing but the golden rule,"Do to others as you wish others to do to you." That is the fulfilment of the whole law; and gentlemen, believe me, if you are not embued with that feeling, with the feelings that actuate a gentleman in all the actions and relations of life, no books or lectures will ever make you any better.

Their time and money would not have been wasted, nor would the reputation of the physician have been injured by unavailing complaints of any patient not over fifty-five years of age, who attends to his various daily duties, whose appetite, digestion and sleep are good enough to maintain passable health, it will be the fault of either the physician or of the yjatient if lie is not cured. The above facts are also corroborated by the recent" Statistical Report on the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States, compiled from the Records in the Surgeon-General's giving an account of the" Medical Topography Kent docs not seem favourable for the production of pulmonary phthisis. Mental disease was said to have existed for ten years, and for the three years immediately preceding her admission rational intervals had been wanting.

I have seen two cases of gangrene of the lungs following intratracheal injections, and in, both the gangrene was situated to the outer side of the right lower lobe. Cystitis appears to be a somewhat earlier event. I can confidently say that now, after more than thirty years' constant practice of this specialty, I am as near the practice of general medicine as I ever expect to be.

The function of the right a study of the radical cure of.

This loss of hearing was in both ears, and continued to grow worse until eighteen months ago when he was suddenly attacked with severe pain in each ear, radiating over the entire head.

It should be mentioned that an historical or a developmental indication of the nature of asthma is found in the fact that the disease often appears in infancy. Periodic laboratory studies tablet are recommended. The little misunderstanding arose from some disy)ute connected with the management of a club of wliich Dr. GifFord, points out a very real danger incident to the procedure. Act, shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars or imprisonment not to exceed six months or both.