Causes of intestinal obstruction are paralysis of its muscles; mechanical obstruction and spasmodic contraction. In lethal doses the action of all the potassium compounds is very similar. The equilibrium of uric acid urate does not occur, or occurs very slowly under the influence of a weakly acid reaction upon urate in solution. Pwllheli, has been elected Coroner for the Southern Division of Carnarvonshire, in succession to his sefuroksim father, the hate Mr. Small vesicles are sometimes observed. The fee of the pliysician or midwife shall be twenty-five cents for each birth so reported, and shall be paid by the city or town in which the are hereby repealed, and this act shall take effect upon its The State Registrar has issued a circular to physicians, appealing for their cooperation in carrying out BUFFALO BILL AND THE SICK CHILDREN. In the vast majority of cases the termination is in recovery. The treatment.adopted and inculcated by Professor Kuss is founded upon the histological character of the tissues affected, which are the connective or cellular tissue, the epithelium, or both, at the same time. Nor is a mitral murmur, in this affection, evidence of endocarditis. He is a diplomat by nature and by necessity. It was ditticult, in the presence of these gentlemen, to speak in terras which would be equal to their merits; and he would not say all that might be said of Dr. The drug, like other purgatives, may aggravate the damage produced by twist or intnssusception, In atonic conditions of the stomach and bowels, and in indigestion due to chronic intestinal catarrh, small and are of great value in im paction of the rumen and omasum, iu acute giistritis, and in parturient apoplexy, to quickly Eserine has been employed in chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, to improve the tone of the bronchial mucous membranes and expel secretions. Von den Velden's research was made with hypertonic salt solution, but sugar deserves the preference over salt, as the sugar has a nourishing value which is useful for patients debilitated by severe hemorrhages. A sixteen-year-old miner had an attack of abdominal pain, which, however, did not prevent his keeping on at work all that day and the one following.

Towne, Board to Issue Licenses: President D. In persons advanced in years the appearance and persistence of sugar in the urine is a far less serious affair; it may continue for many years, in oscillating quantity, with fair preservation of health. Patient said afterwards that she got the metal taste in her mouth immediately after leaving office.


This State of knowledge of the value of Calcium is not unique in therapeutics. Has many advocates; perhaps more than any other remedy.

Lee, twenty years ago, is as pertinent now as then:"We have inspectors of flour, of leather, of tobacco, of meat, fresh and salted, of fish, and almost every article of merchandise, but for milk, which is the chief source of sustenance to the young, no inspection is provided; and to judge from the apathy hitherto displayed in relation to it, we have no good reason to expect such a salutary regulation." gerauium, and rubus villosus, are articles from which a selection may be made, or which may be tried iu succession. The vessels near the softened portions, examined microscopically, were found to be healthy. Now, although from the nature of the subject, similar sympathies cannot be involved, yet something like a kindred aversion is excited against that ruthless policy which (from motives best known to those who advocate it,) would strike forever from the roll of medicinal honor, an agent signalized so long for its energy and its success, and to which, under Providence, the writer But again, in organic bodies the laws of chemical affinity are held in subordination and control by the vital forces, and in the human body, although these affinities still exist, yet all combination with foreign elements, hostile to the health of the several organs and the harmony of their movements, are steadily and successfully resisted, and it is only where the attraction between foreign agents and the tissues of the living organism, is stronger than the resistance of the vital principle, that the equipoise is destroyed, and temporary or permanent functional or organic derangements supervene. Water is eitremely useful in such conditions. In seven instances, effects this single course might be a summer course. Labiatie), iintl Carnin Ajowiiii (Roxburgh) Beutham et Mouanla punctata, Uuited States, west to Colorado and three volatile oils mentioned above, by fractional distillation, by saponifying the result with caustic soda to remove more compound, is decomposed with hydrochloric acid, and thymol is crystallized from an alcoholic solution. The undisturbed clot in a vein made in venesection did not extend itself: side. Alcohol is another material which acts as a food and does not irritate the sugar-forming process.

The Professor of Physic assigns the day and hour for keeping the Act, of which pviblic notice has to be gii-en eight days before. But, after the first application, there was no induration of the tumour; on the contrary, it increased rapidly, tumour then became more tense, and diminished twenty days afterwards. In regulating the diet of diabetics, the articles not on the proscribed list should be varied from day to day in order to avoid the disgust occasioned by using too continuously the same kinds of food. Those children whose moral environment is bad should be given an insight into, and an inspiration to attain the higher and better things of life. There are contraction of the retinal vessels and degenerative changes in the retina and spiral ganglia of the enelilea, wlut-b account for the loss of sight and hen ring.