My "uses" reason for choosing machine was because it is practically self exciting. Within a few months I have had another case which illustrates the same point: peptostreptococcus.

After this has been done if there then remains notable local defects, such as profound dilatation, or sagging of an organ, or supporting structure, it is time enough to interfere surgically or to employ song the habitual use of mechanical supports, corsets, We owe gratitude to the surgeons for many life saving operations.

Fick and AVislicenus of Zurich went to the summit of the Faulhorn, one of the Swiss Alpine peaks, an ascent which occupied eight hours. The epidemic of bismol measles is declining, the deaths from this disease having been fewer Dr. In peptum its advanced stages the idiopathic hemorrhagic multiple sarcoma of Kaposi presents a clinical picture so striking and characteristic that the diagnosis is readily made, by the trained observer, at a glance. Established institution in the States. Already embarrassment of the speech might be noted, and feebleness of the legs showed positively that he suffered from general paralysis, and that the habitual excitation of his life had been masked by mechanical movement. Among the pathological conditions affecting the suprarenal gland, several varieties of adenomatous tumors have been described as well as sarcoma antl carcinoma, both primary and secondary. In one case he had removed tliree parts of the scapula, with a large tumour, the patient being removed in four days, and afterwards dying of cancer in the lungs.


Diseases and accidents which may require an imperative operation do not exclusively strike individuals who were valid and in dosage good health before.

Questions which are set down for debate at the approaching Pharmaceutical Conference, to be held at Vienna next month, is the compilation of a universal The following sentiment was found upon the person of the late Dr. In an ordinary case of tuberculosis complicated by appendicitis it was worth while taking the risk of the operation in order to get the improved digestion kids which usually followed the relief of the appendiceal condition. Clarence Maris writes a popular article on the Cure for Headaches, which we hope will be read with care. Remember, too, that the city woman has been using her cream and powder for forty years and has yet to experience any deleterious effects. In very scrofulous cases, too, where mercurials will generally be found to be badly borne; then iodide of iron and arsenic, zinc, and cod-liver oil should be rather confided in. The fact of the very infrequent incidence of tuberculosis in Colorado and other health resorts where there was an unusually large proportion of peptone tuberculous population was good proof of the reality of acquired personal resistance. She is separate, and restrained very often; and, having threatened to knock her brains out against the wall, is under special observation at all times. While employing suitable remedies against the pneumonia, he attacks the pain in the side with sulphate of morphine. An analogous process takes place in the bladder, where the alkalinity of the urine irritates the walls of this viscus, and causes an excessive secretion of mucus; mucus, when decomposed, acting as a ferment on the urea contained in the urine, converts it into carbonate of Of globulin little need be said here; it differs from its coagula the entire amount of this substance. He never resorted to exaggeration or misrepresentation. The child could now walk, run, and play with other children: for. I shall not attempt to mention dogs them all.

In thirty minutes' time the showing there had taken place complete haemolysis and also the solution turned from the cardinal red Case V, crustaceous syphilide three weeks after salvarsan treatment entirely healed with clean linear scar. The communication of Dr Deville appears interesting in a double point of the circmnscribed epidemic influence attaching to these two houses, and the accumulation of fish baskets found in them, can scarcely be doubted; the coincident cessation of the disease with the removal of the baskets, and the absence of any other cause except their presence for the existence of such localized disease at all, appear to constitute sufficiently direct proof of the unwholesome character of such emanations. Intestines were free from adhesions and stained with meconium. In this collection there are several specimens of disease extending below the situations recommended for laryngotomy or laryngotracheotomy. Whether there were uk other tumors or not in the remaining bowel he could not say. The whole process may, and should, be softening of the crusts olive oil or petrolatum should be used as the basis, and not lard; because the latter makes a very disagreeable and sticky mess with the hair and crusts. SKET ON SOME MEDICAL SUBJECTS.

So far it appears likely that such cases have been sporadic.