The high ground on the north of Cambridge, prolonged into the tongue upon which this mound stands, slopes agreeably to the river, facing the south and sheltered from the north, furnishing an attractive site, under the name of' Cair.

"The Detection of Feigned Blindness "peptizen" in one or both Eyes,""The ISTeglected Field of the Physician," Dr. At night, if the braces are not kept on, splints should be applied to protect against contracture and deformity while the patient sleeps. Diapliragra" clearer with the naked eye than when it is thrown on an opaque screen is that in the one case all the rays wliich form the image really readi the eye; but in the case of the screen a great many are lost by irregular reflection and absorption, which, when so many rays are already cut off by the diai)hragm, must exercise a powerful deteriorating influence on the illumination of the image.

I believe the complications from paraffin injections, such as a growing tumor or necrosis, telangiectasis, neuritis (both of the sensory nerve and optic) and other minor difficulties, are due to faulty technic.

Entering the Hospital Bichat nothing was found upon examination but epigastric pain. The discovery of the power of protective inoculation has served still further to diminish the incidence of typhoid fever and allied diseases, and of diphtheria; and the detection of the healthy and other carriers of disease-producing germs has been rewarded by still further material reductions.

Sir Isaac ISTewton, Christopher Wren, tablet George Fox and John Locke, were prominent men. Budd some twenty years ago, and by Dr. I may add that it is the intention of some old and staunch supporters of the National Medical Registration Association to put the thing to the test by first calling upon the members of the. The animal fell into a state of complete emaciation, and having been killed and examined, its throat was found to be completelj' ulcerated, while all tire bones exhibited exostoses absoliitely similar to those met with in sj-phUitic patients dying cachectic without having taken mercury. (as Chairman of the Inter-Board The report of the Moderator was next considered. Incomplete removal with the knife of a malignant lesion anywhere is worse than no treatment at all. The plaster of Paris, or silicate of soda dressing, or splints of leather, hatter's felt, poroplastic felt, or yucca wood may secure a sufficient amount of fixation for all practical purposes. Normality; and that they (the centres) are able to influence" thermolytic" or thermogenetic processes accordingly. Attempt to mark off sharply the inflammations caused by mechanical and chemical noxse from those produced by bacteria and their products must be given up. Without going into the history of the various operations for impervious structure, Mr. Effects of the Ems waters form a good preparation, in many cases, for the more opening and purifying waters of Carlsbad, and then may advantageously be followed by bathing and the douche at Wiesbaden or Aix-la-Chapelle; and they are very beneficial when the joints have been rendered stiff and swollen from repeated attacks.


Those who knew him at all intimately, and recollect the vivid exactness with which, when he pleased, he could re-produce the tone, gestures, and accents of others, who have heard him"give" a Professor's lecture, or even rehearse an ordinary conversation, will be prepared to learn that he was a mimic from childhood, and the gravity of many a guest at his father's table has been sorely tried by the laughter-compelling powers of the delicate, fail-haired youngster who sat opposite him. The Shorter Catechism declares,"The Fourth Commandment requireth the keeping holy to God such set times as He hath appointed in His Word; expressly one whole day in seven, to be a holy Sabbath to Himself." Again,"The Sabbath is to be sanctified by a holy resting all that day, even from such worldly employments and recreations as are lawful on other days; and spending the whole time in the public and private exercises of God's worship, except so much as it to be taken up in the works of necessity and mercy." I emphasize one statement that especially applies. Before inspiration, the action of the lungs or respiratory organs upon it, by which the oxygen in the respired air is instrumental in removing from the blood a great portion of the carbon, and in changing the venous or dark bluish-red blood of the veins into the bright red This arterial blood is destined to maintain in a healthy state all the organs and parts of the body, so that, by the action of certain organs, certain secretions may be elicited from it to its own purification; and when the arterial blood has efi"ected these ob jects, it is again returned by the veins to the heart and lungs, there to be acted on by the atmospheric oxygen. Unfortunately, the infatuation which has made its way in London, the presumption that every Hospital must have a school, has reached Birmingham; and so, because there are two Hospitals, there must be two Schools.