'"Some physicians have drawn a distinction between cases of pneumonia, which is useful with reference to treatment There are, they say, two classes of cases of pneumonia, the one sthenic, the other asthenic and typhoid, the former capable of bearing the most active antiphlogistic treatment, and for which, indeed, they say that that treatment is absolutely necessary; the latter requiring a supporting and even a stimulating plan, and for which an antiphlogistic one would be extremely hazardous and dangerous. He said that it might be safely asserted that all disease processes began as intoxications, and that this was so even with chronic degenerative processes in the nervous system. In twenlv-six cases of suspected or proved tuberculosis the results were disappointing, and the author says that when a case of tuberculosis not far beyond the incipient stage, with tubercle bacilli in the sputum, fails to react, one's confidence in the test is apt to be shaken. The quantity of medicine must be regulated by the judgment of the individual administering; remembering often during the process, to give the child drink, and in other respects managing in the same manner as with a grown person. Wheelock naively adds,"though a simple one, is, to my mind, startling, and, without egotism, the most important pathological discovery in the present century." this view, and a dozen of these is given in illustration, which can scarcely be regarded as altogether conclusive, seeing that few human beings suffering from any malady will not present some traces of the action of mental anxiety or depressing passion, if such traces be Ibis view, according to Dr. The pulse is accelerated, rather small than full, and more rapid at some periods than at others. At the end of each stall partition there should be fixed an iron grate in the broad groove, so as to allow the urine to flow into the drain underneath.

The Doctors being placed in a circle, the youngest speaks first and the eldest last, each making a more or less declamatory discourse on the case, and not unfrequently sacrificing the history of the an efl'ect, and not to contradict the views of the old consultant, whose opinion has been ascertained beforehand; upon him, therefore, devolves the determination of the treatment -merit succumbing here to age. As we have not, however, the means of investigating the procedure, and of laying an account of it before our readers, we are equally compelled to decline expressing any opinion upon it.

The white wild cattle of Chilliugham have the muzzle black, and the whole of the inside of the ear, and the tip externally red; the horns are moderate in size, of an elegant contoiu', sweeping upwards, and of a white colour passing into black at the tips.

Howell's paper): T would like to ask Dr. On dorsum of right forearm with pigment spots. One peculiarity in this College consists in the perfect liberty accorded to the teachers, in their several dep.artnients. Convalescence was disturbed by severe pain in the right side, and vaginal examination found a tablet tender nodule at lower end of right ureter. The most efficient of all remedies in this complaint is Sulphur, which must be used both locally and internally. The danger in driving cattle to these dens of blood, the cruelties inflicted in forcing them to enter (for the scent of gore produces instinctive horror), the effluvia of prutrescent matter exlinled from tliem, and the disgusting objects exposed to view, combine to render them the disgrace of London. In this way dysentery and typhus fever are frequently engendered in the individual, as well as in the congregation of a great number of individuals, as in a jail, a ship, or a hospital. If the French are asked to help in identification they will doubtless do all they can, and they are scientifically most expert in identification methods. Alcoholism, other drug addictions, and all excesses tend towards tuberculosis. The circular says that there is no longer any doubt as to the relation of the mosquito to malarial diseases.


It is requested that you make these facts known to the alienists, psychiatrists and neurologists The Censors of the Suffolk District Medical Society will meet to examine candidates for admission to The Candidates, who must be residents of the Suffolk District or "pepnil" non-residents of Massachusetts, should make personal application to the Secretary and present their medical diplomas, at least one week before BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL The following resolutions were adopted at In the death of Dr. It must nevertheless be confessed that, however valuable information may be drawn from such large sources, the form in which it is given renders it is questionable if the value of the book be in any way added to by these means, while its voluminousness and its heaviness, both physical and moral, ia-greatly increased.

Gurlt's correction of these defects by taking the results; but the table which has reference to the sex and age in which fractures most frequently occur, furnishes (unless falsified by some fortnitous circumstance or error,) remarkable and singular results. An of the Eye and Ear Hospital, Brooklyn. In too many of the latter places, the Commissioners have animadverted, within the last year, on the scantiness of food and all the wretched arrangements still existing; including seclusion in damp out-houses, and the use of the strait waistcoat and of chains.