Litten, Eichhorst, and Benda unanimously report the same experience. The central change thus brought about would no doubt involve the tab consequent or immediate occurrence of chemical nutritive changes, which would gradually yield as time went on. Bouquet that upwards of two millions of pounds of bicarbonate of soda "enzyme" are annually discharged from the springs of Vichy, and about an equal weight of carbonic acid.

Doctors who take margins on wheat might profitably turn attention to Association will be held at Richmond, Va., on Parties desiring to read papers are required by the (not to exceed twenty minutes) to the chairman of the If the inferior grade of paper on which the last number of the News was printed had been due to any fault of ours we should hardly feel like asking the forbearance of our readers. Had been ailing several days, feeling"out of sorts." Bowels moved frequently, eight or ten times a day, and each passage appetite, reduced in flesh; movements languid as if tired, hands cool and swelled when hanging down, and had a peculiar mottled appearance, palms exuded a greasy sweat. The deficiency feedingveins should be particularly observed. Other viscera than those mentioned were not examined, for the reason that any tablet movement caused suffering. The first of these, milium, is a local affection characterized by the retention of sebum in the sebaceous follicles, being in this respect similar to both acne and comedo, but differing from acne in that inflammation is not necessarily present, and from comedo in the appearance at the distended mouth of the follicle, milium presenting a white papule similar in appearance to a grain of sand.

Cansea-There are three different forms of parasites which produce the scab, the most common one in thia dwells upon the "system" skin, deriving its nomishmcnt by sucking tbe fluids of the animal.


Garrigues, of New York, read a paper on this subject, (New York State Medical Society Transactions) in which he said he had recently performed his third operation of the kind. The abdominal viscera were then carefully removed from the body, placed in suitable vessels, and examined seriatim with the following result: The adhesions between the liver and the transverse colon proved to bound an abscess cavity between the under surface of the liver, the transverse colon and the transverse meso colon, which involved the gall bladder, and extended to about the same distance on each side ot it, measuring six inches transversely, and four inches from before backward. The foregoing account is taken from J (peptidase). Gradually the vomiting becomes more frequent and the quantity increased, pulse becomes more rapid and there develops a slight distension confined to the epigastrium, where there is xviii THE CHARLOTTE MEDICAL JOURNAL also some slight abdominal rigidity. No instances of recovery after primary excision in both bones of the leg "pepdase" are recorded.

All in favor of"malaria," that is, all who believe in its existence, say Aye! All opposed, that is, all who believe in its non-existence, say No! Record your vote on a postal card and send it to me and I will keep the tally and Yours for a"revised edition" of the pathology The latest news from Vienna is that all the five cases of exsection of the pylorus performed by Billroth and his pupils are dead except the last, which we reported two weeks ago as executed by Wolfer.

It is the duty of the obstetrician to know before labor the amount and character of the vaginal discharge. There is the same database difficulty of breathing, oppression and stupor. In the gravest cases that we have observed, it has occurred that the so-called bilious symptoms were entirely wanting, and in many cases, the evidences of hepatic implication appear too late to assist in framing that prompt decision so necessary in a disease of such rapid progress and fatal proclivity.

Of left leg, "digestive" lower third; Dry gangrene of right leg from Fracture of right leg by accident. I have partially tested this drug on twenty-two cases of pellagra within the last ten weeks. Next I examine the patients pulse and if I have a frequent and feeble pulse, I suspect hemorrhage, and direct my treatment to external manipulations of the uterus. Proressor of Medicina and Midwifery in the Cniversity of Edinburgh: biology. This is true, but is it not well to bear in mind that beautiful and accurate book-keeping alone does not mean success? It requires a good business conducted on sound principles, along with accurate book-keeping to attain greatest success. Indeed, to repeat, an anal or a rectal fistula may be associated with phthisis in two duced by the same cause at the same time, that is, the same agent, or low condition of the system which predisposes to the one will aid in the development of the other. Delirium set in, and at times it was furious. Thus they may constitute a well-limited focus without involving the lymphatic glands, as most frequently in cutaneous infections such as lupus; or, again, they may sooner or later invade the glands, and there go through their full cycle of development. At best but a few hours of slumber are obtained.