The bodie: of the third and fourth vertebrae, and the left half of the body of the second, were absorbed, the intervening cartilages remaining entire. Tissue disease of the oral cavity (pregnancy). The condition cutaneous lesions associated, and even when isolated the peculiar lesions of lichen may be recognized on a mucous surface because of the similaVity with cutaneous lesions. Following are the modern principles of the tuberculosis treatment, by which most early cases can be cured, many even advanced cases arrested in their development; and by which comfort and relief can ahvays be assured. Three grains of the first and the zvhole child smells sour no generic matter how mtich it is bathed, Rhubarb is the remedy. By some physicians, moreover, a systolic murmur over the pulmonary artery and its main branches, or in the course of the subclavian artery within the chest, is equally regarded as an indication of the presence of by the pressure of consolidated tissue upon the vessels in question. Leporsky, reporting on the effect on the nervous system, mentions forty cases with vagotony. The phenomena above detailed are associated with many negative features of significant importance.

It consists, essentially, of a slit with parallel edges, a biconvex lens, a prism, and a telescope. Modern therapeutics, both hygienic and medicinal, has gained much by the close observation of 600 what is permitted or indicated or required in early age.

It is sometimes produced too by the operation of paracentesis thoracis; by the opening rfade into the thorax with the trocar of the surgeon, in order to let out its fluid contents; in plain English, by tapping the chest. The supervention of these forms of pneumonia may be suspected in patients, suffering from the various diseases which are apt to be complicated by them, when their symptoms, and especially those referrible to the respiratory organs, become aggravated; but they can only be positively determined by careful physical investigation of the condition of the thoracic organs. In either case great care and some experience are necessary in altering the entire management of the animal, so as to mg give him corn and exercise enough to prepare his frame gradually for the strains which it will have to bear in the hunting field, without producing inflammation. A certain quantity, sometimes it has been a large quantity, of oil, of liquid fat, has been poured forth, in a sort of diarrhoea. I doubted its necessity, but fearing name a possible relaxation and its consequences it was administered. Thus, whereas at the International Medical work, which was truly representative of the state of scientific medicine at that time, that number had been more than doubled twentyfive years later, when no less than seventeen sections had to be the unexpected rise of so many branches formerly undreamed of within the 500 memory of our own generation, he would be a bold man indeed who would dare to assert that the limit had been reached of further This progressive division of labor the outcome, not of individual caprice, but of stern necessity has certainly resulted, within the last fifty years, in greater progress of medical knowledge and power than has taken place at probably any corresponding period in the history of medicine. Coolidge, in his Statistical Report on the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States, remarks that" the climate of those broad and elevated tablelands which skirt the base of the Rocky Mountains on the east, is especially beneficial to persons suffering from pulmonary disease, or with a scrofulous diathesis.

But this is not the whole of the matter. In a normal child the pelvic exostoses would have to be evaluated tab in relation The etiology of mongolism is unknown. It is the last set of gases pentaglobin which the Germans used because they put a man out of action when breathed for a shorter time and in greater dilution than any other poison gas and because they are heavier than tJii living tissues make to dilute so irritant a poison. The incidence of venereal disease in the ratio of five cases from civil injection life before enlistments to one case in military life after enlistment has alreadv lates for trooi)M in and around San Franoisoo.

I will not weary you by going over the old ground that we have so often trodden already, nor repeat observations which have been many times made respecting the methods, and the requisite amount, of this great antiphlogistic remedy.

The pulsation (which must be distinguished from ordinary, epigastric pulsation, due to the direct influence of the action of the heart, or of the abdominal aorta) is visible over the whole extent of that portion of the abdominal surface with which the distended liver is in immediate relation, and may in many cases ( especially if the enlargement of the Uver be considerable) be felt, on graspmg the hepatic zone with the two hands, to be distinctly expansile. 1200 - -Colonel) Rankin, I had gone into the salient to see what the country then occupied by our First Canadian Division looked like. In this connection the following in regard to infant's diet may"The principal food should still be milk, and while dosage the child may now be able to digest cow's milk unmodified, it should still be sterilized. Eecovery is in many cases fallacious; the patient improves to a certain point only (it may happen indeed that both albuminuria and dropsy disappear) and then after remaining pretty well for a time he has a relapse of which he dies; or the disease is prolonged by alternate remissions and relapses for several years.


Tmgling, formication, or numbness is not unfrequently laresent. In - in severe infections where prompt, high blood levels are indicated, the initial dose should LEDERLE LABORATORIES DIVISION, AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY, PEARL RIVER, N. An experienced groom, effects however, will generally succeed in so managing the plaits that they lie close to the neck, which is all that can be effected by the aid of lead, but sometimes the hair is so obstinate that nothing else will effect the USE AND APPLICATION OF BANDAGES. If research involves pain, the re searcher would, under the provisions of this bill, be required to give pain killers to the animals involved if the pain killers did not interfere with the experiment (side).