The experiments of Fontana prove that the mere action of light on tlieiris is insufficient to produce contraction of the pupil, unless the retina be simultaneously aUccted.

IN MEDICINE, SUBGEET, DIETETICS, AND THE We have liad occasion to speak favourably of the high dietetic valneandremarkably line qufility of the champagne of Lauren tPerrier, introduced hereby Messrs. She was again admitted on the twenty-ninth day, and stated that she had not been well smce she had left the hospital, having still suflered from excessive weariness and pains in the limbs, headache, and chilliness followed bv a little feverishness.

We commend these facts to the attention of the drug able editor of the iS'ew York Medical Record and other enthusiasts who are urging the claims of modern Greek to be the international under the editorship of his grandson, Mr. On the contrary, it is under such circumstances not infrequently that the value of the remedy is best shown.

The Court of Examiners, by extending the period of attendance upon lectures and hospital practice to threewinters and two summers, without previously obtaining from the legislature a repeal of the apprenticeship clause, have virtually, in a great number of instances, compelled the pupil to be engaged eight years in the profession before he could obtain the license to practise.

The National 500 Gastroenterological Association announces tliat its Fourth Annual Course in Postgraduate Gastroenterology will be given at tlie Hotel Statler in New York As in past years the Course will again be under the direction and cocliairnianship of Owen H. If the process is tediou.? to the snrgeon, it is, at all events, not exhausting to the patient. I venture to call attention to this malady not so mucli with a view of throwing new lights upon an old subject as for the purpose of eliciting a discussion and a comparison of views entertained in regard to the disease as it manifests itself in Tennessee. The distinctions are not, however, fanciful, or adopted here merely for the sake of convenience in description; for those who have seen much of the disease in tropical countries must be familiar into another by insensible gradations, and a strong family likeness runs through cold night air, or to a chill after exertion, is, iu malarious regions, the most common exciting cause of this form of the complaint. The danger of chisels off obliquely the tuberosity of the tibia and fixes it below the knee joint.

Proven that the best solution of the problem of infant feeding was made by Liebig, and that MELLIN'S FOOD prepared with milk is the nearest approximation to, and is the BEST SUBSTITUTE for, Mother's Milk THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. We have thus the annulus albidus to give a firm attachment to the ciliary body, by connecting it with the sclerotica, the muscular fibres to contract the ciliary veins, the ciliary processes to become erect by the accumulation of blood, the plaited margin of the capsule forming the anterior wall of the canal of Petit to which the processes are attached, the space between this and the hyaloid membrane to allow it to be drawn forward, and the elastic membranes of the vitreous humour, to draw back the crystalline when the in animals with spherical lenses where there is another instrument for drawing we can account for the sudden occurrence of near and far-sightedness. The retro-peritoneal glands were enucleated. The trains will consist of firstclass day coaches equipped with labatories and toilet conveniences.



It will be our duty to go into this distinct question at a future time. At an inquest recently held at Cheadle in the ease of a child which had died of hydrophobia, the medical practitioner who had attended the patient is represented in the local press as having replied, when asked by a juror whether a child would be liable to take hydrophobia from the bite of a dog not suffering from rabies,"It just depends upon the constitution of the patient. Season Excursion tickets, good for placed on sale at greatly reduction rates at all principal tickets officers thoroughout the country. Its symptoms are, there is in tbe spurious form, however, very commonly a desire to bite.

Extension of the inflammatory condition When emphvsema and enlarged brondii have already occurred, or when it is probable from the severity of the spasm that they will occur, jiermanent dyspnoea to a greator or less extent may be apprehended. Fatty food, moreover, as we have already seen, is especially pointed out as desirable for the scrofulous in early life. Sick, but it purged the bowels freely: the motions were large in quantify, dark coloured, and very unnatural in smell. Never occur at all in those who have acquired it, as for instance, interstitial keratis. I finally began to use domestic mice, and easily succeeded in killing mg them, sometimes within eight hours, by subcutaneous injection of a small quantity of an agar culture rubbed up in a little sterilized water.