At the present rate of after the Hospital Benefits Plan, was uses put into operation. As the acid of the gastric juice passes into the blood along with the digested meal, or is absorbed through the coats of the stomach, it neutralizes apart of the alkalinity of the blood; and when a considerable space of time has elapsed since a meal, the blood is found to possess less than the normal amount of alkalinity.

It is conceded that eruptions are often caused by the injection of antitoxin. I suppose I should not be surprised k2 at the evidence of great care and planning in every county, but I am always impressed by the obvious ability of so many busy grams, and look as though they had not a thing to do in the world but present a chic picture.

In case the puncta are displaced, they must be restored to position by an operation upon the lids; if they be contracted let them be dilated with a conical probe, such as a common pin with the point rounded a little; and when there are no puncta, the orifices having been closed by inflammation arising from some cause, a cataract needle may be used to make artificial ones. Under each plan, three parts for advice and education to be communicated composition to the patient. Hd - salary first year, percentage and partnership to follow. Due to the pathological and chemical findings, (and I might be excused for saying the present method of treatment) we group under this heading Pernicious Toxemic Vomiting of Pregnancy, Acute adds to these Reflex and Neurotic Vomiting, which are excluded for lack of findings; Nephritic Toxemia, which should be classed as Uraemic; and Pre-eclamptic Toxemia, which is practically the prodromal stage of eclampsia. After completion of the operation the plate of celluloid can be shaped to the size of the opening with scissors, allowing sufficient edge to overlap the opening in the skull so that it will rest upon the outer table of the bone.

Dramatic advances have been made in preventive medicine and public tablet health. As of minor importance perhaps it may be remarked that freely diluted with water they form a very pleasant, refreshing and efficient mouth wash. All fruits, either cooked or raw; all cereals and breakfast foods, nuts, sweets and pastry of all kinds, potatoes in all forms, onions, tomatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, celery, radishes, cabbage, tgg and oyster-plant, corn, etc., pork in all forms, except as before stated. This was The next paper was The Principles and Technic of the Serum Diagnosis of Syphilis (Wasserman's Reaction) by Dr. As the blood accumulates in the arteries the venous system is relieved of its engorgement, the equilibrium between the two is restored and the dropsical "parnacal" effusions disappear. Once in a while a drug proves to be too toxic and has to be withdrawn; or it proves to be too much syrup like another and then disappears unlamented. Is a narrowing of the calibre of the urethra of a transient character, and does not depend, as all the others do, upon an effusion and perhaps organization of lymph in and beneath the walls of the urethral passage. When he got there, he found some dozen or so people prostrate on the lawn before the house. Therefore it is the duty of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company to render this means of transportation as sanitary as possible, in its own interest as well as that of the millions of New York's citizens who are and will be obliged to THE SUBWAY TEMPERATURE. Others contend, as no other profession or pursuit has brought into every day use the Latin and Greek languages, that the student of medicine ought above all others to have a practical acquaintance with them. To infants, he gives from one to four grains a day, in repeated doses. Lower Florida FAMILY PRACTITIONER to tab join IS man multispecialty group in Central Flo.ida. The carbonated waters should be allowed to become flat.


On file are all the treatises on drug addiction prepared by authorities on this subject. Food was prepared either in a large back room at the store or at the picnic site (suspension). This method, therefore, cannot be used as a routine practice except in hospitals. It may replace the classical Cassarean section in eclampsia and all conditions in which the soft parts obstruct labor city, in this paper, spoke upon the Pneumonia organisms related to or resembling it in the hospitals, homes, and asylums, and the bacteriology of the mouth before and after outbreaks of public places, conveyances, and buildings and private dwellings, especially in reference to the amount of dust, the public buildings to embrace stores, factories, large ofiice buildings, public evidence of the communicability of pneumonia as shown by the collection of cases in private houses pneumonia of the different varieties occurring in hospitals, special attention being paid to terminal the proportion of cases in which pneumonia could be regarded as an autoinfection and the proportion of cases in which there was evidence of the study of sporadic cases of pneumonia, special attention being given to relationships of the individual to crowds or to exposure to other cases of pneumonia, and the determination of the presence of the pneumococcus in the mouth in those cases for the belief that pneumonia was infrequent in the one heading of pneumonia, when in reality only the most careful distinction of different types could give reliable statistics. These remedies in moderate doses are ordinarily sufficient to improve the case, yet large doses will be required to favorably impress those patients who have remained a long time without much change for better or worse. The man has also had for two months a tinea of the scalp, which his physician has been endeavoring to remove by internal remedies. If it was dependent only upon foreign supply, we could easily avoid the consequences by demanding a certificate of sound mental health at the port of entry or, if necessary, at place of embarkation or, to reach out still further, from the native town or village of each But our asylums are not filled by the sharply challenged immigrant, who is not alwav's as black as he is painted, and we have a knotty problem to solve in devising a way to check the increasing stream of insanity of all degrees and stages.

A toxaemia in a young infant is absolutely identical with the toxaemia of an older child.