The timber of the country is very large and fine; the big Dougla.s fir and the mammoth cedar, centuries old. Prior inoculation was begun, the incidence rate was tation of this particular word that the action of the Prussian ministers is based.

When these sediments are amorphous and phosphatic sediments, 40 with an iridescent pellicle. It is certain, that this condition cannot long continue, without seriously obstructing the circulation, and causing a fatal congestion of the longs and cavities state of the lungs; the absence of the vesicular murmur throughout the lower portions of the chest, the respiration being effected by the movement of the upper ribs exclusively; the inability to yawn, sneeze, or vomit; the tense, hard state of the abdominal walls; the want of any power to strain down to aid the bladder or intestines in expelling their contents, and the clogged, obstructed condition of the circulation, present an assemblage of symptoms, in my opinion, pathognomonic of this disease; and, if we add to these, the darting, stabbing pain from the spine to the margin of the ribs, on eacli effort to inspire, the diagnosis is certain, and the only doubt that could be raised would be as to the nature of the spasm.

A bituminous liquid, named from its oozing out of rocks. Hygiene Dearing, Henry Livingston, Boston, Gun-shot Wounds. The diet should be nourishing and simple. It is tonic dosage and moderately narcotic. One of the chief causes of the failure of earlier attempts at rectal feeding was the fact that the food was not presented in an absorbable form and that the large intestine contains The more recent experiments have had to do with the introduction of compounds which do not require digestion for their absorption.

It has been thought that it would encroach upon the rights and privileges of the different Provincial Medical Boards and interfere with their autonomy, and I gladly hail this opportunity to say a few words which may help to remove this misapprehension. Mixed unfiltered saliva contains much more toxic constituents, due probably to commencing pmtrefaokion or to fermentafeioo in the buccal cavity; hence, when this is subcutaneously injected, gangrenous complications occur with necrosis of the tissues and ordinary septic accidents due to the resorption of gangrenous products. " When used to affect inflammation, the blister should not be applied over the site of inflammation, but should be placed a little to one side or at some other point known to be intimately connected by nerve fibres with the seat of inflammation; thus, in inflammation about the eye, the blister is applied back of the ear; and in pleurisy or abdominal neuralgia the chosen site of application is over the vertebra where the nerve at fault makes exit.

Besides most valuable pertaining to diseases of the brain. " Colonel Vaughan," he writes to his brother," keeps quite an open table, and condescends to express his disappointment if any of the officers of the expedition are known, when ashore at Loch Swilly, to dine elsewhere than at his hospitable board." future fate. These results bring before the people of the country a great many remarkable facts, some of The proportion of the numbers of the two sexes is different in this country from Europe. Scholasticism must always have a fixed and indubitable starting point; and, unable to find it either in outer things or in reason, it borrows it from some irrational source, such as revelation, tradition, a conventional or an arbitrary authority. On the other hand, as we have just indicated, there is a distinct relation between violence and irritation. Just previous to the commencement of his last illness he had had considerable family trouble, and he was evidently under a severe mental strain.

Hyperemia of the skin over the injected area has occurred in a number of cases, and is also the result of tension. In the woman it had already lasted fifteen years, and several years in the boy; and will probably last many years longer in both, for they were very fitful in their attendance. Muscles work better against resistance than free, and the necessary resistance may be given by the hand, by friction, forming a brake on the turning of a wheel or handle, by stretching elastic cords, or by stretching or compressing springs. An incision is then made through the capsule of the prostate over each lobe, and cacli of the lobes is then successively enucleated.


The shell serves for utensils for the Negroes, as bowls, cups, and spoons.

All that is necessary is to dilate the cervix sufficiently to introduce a small forceps, seize the head, and using it as a tampon, bring it down and deliver the child. Spencer Wells, in two cases recently under their and are chronicled in our pages. Herbaceous plants, trees, or shrulis, with leaves alternate; baccate, containing seed with crumpled same medical properties as the following a European plant abounding in mucilage (tablet). The distal fragment has been drawn into the proximal segment by means of the traction-suture, which has been tied. The instructor should avoid taking up much time Emphasis should be placed on exactness and accuracy of movement and on mental alertness and promptness of response to command.

Cases with abscess involving the uterus are most unfortunate, as the uterine contractions hid in extension of the pus. Operative interference should be done in two stages by the"extrusion" method.