Remember a young child has neither the strength nor the sense to get out of clanger; and if he, unfortunately, either turn on his face or bury his head in a pillow that is near, the chances are that he will be suffocated, more especially as these accidents usually occur at night, when the mother or the nui-se is fast asleep. Not only are the secretions diminished, but the entire course of the disease is marked by a diminution in the pain and discomfort usually experienced. As these bandages or" splints" set very quickly and very hard, it is well to guard against cedema or swelling of the limb, so that before the application of the solidifying material a tape must be laid lengthwise on the limb, with its ends projecting above and below tho bandage; then, if the apparatus require removal, a pair of stout scissors or shears can be insinuated between it and the skin and thus avoid wounding the flesh.- Splints may also be made of perforated sheet iron, zinc, tin, or wire Special Splints for the Upper Extremity. Colon I, has adhesions about it as it crosses the psoas.

Another advance related to training-schools for nurses, that at Bellevue being mentioned in particular. Adrenal hemorrhage is generally a complication of various maladies, but occasionally there are symptoms which appear to be somewhat characteristic and lead to the diagnosis of a separate and possibly distinct disease. It has occurred in several capsule members of the same family. The most marked instances of this kind of staphyloma may be observed in patients who have had an attack of purulent ophthalmia, which has caused sloughing and removal of nearly the whole of the cornea.

All instruments and other 40 materials to be used during the operation should be placed in order on a table for that purpose. Poisoned by the endocarditis, the blood did not nourish the tissues properly. The brown coloring matter is found in port wine, when all the tannic acid and blue coloring matters are thrown down.

As have been already indicated, no time should be lost in sending for medical or lard. On the third day, if convalescence is uninterrupted, a scraped beef sandwich is dsr given. TrannJigtira'tio, Traiismnta'tio, Jfetab'ole, from trans,' uses bevond,' and forma,' form.' Change of form. Finally, his fellowdeacons tried to heal the breach, but without success. It may he said, however, that during the febrile part of every disease the patient should be kept in bed.


Alloway, who has recently returned from the Western States, spoke of the comparatively high value of dogs in those regions, and pan pointed out to the students the necessity of their giving up the old habit of devoting all their attention to the study of the equine race. It also houses the research laboratories of the cHnical departments, a laboratory for teaching Operative card This building has just been erected on Greene Street opposite the University Hospital.

It was a question whether iodide of potash had not some influence on sarcomas, but disappearance under its use might have been spontaneous, as sometimes occurred with no treatment. Every now and then a case is found in.

Their size "pantocid" is very variable, and shape irregular.