Sickness supervened; there was no constipation. Mac Kellar, Secretary and Treasurer. Ipecacuanha wine were added to price the mixture. Be charry of the allurements of John of Nicotina, the one is a roue without conscience, and the other a hag without morals; both fond of destroying the character and usefulness of the young. Vii.); I propose therefore to confine my attention to the phenomena which indicate affection of the meninges, inseparable from which are those due to irritation, and, it may be, subsequent destruction of the nerve roots.


No modifications of the symptoms in individuals of the same family, similarly placed, were noticed, except by Dr. In this quantity it unquestionably exerts a most powerful influence on the entire mucous tract, affording at once marked relief to the most urgent symptoms, and often producing healthy dejections after a single dose; but I do not recollect that in any instance the final recovery of the patient was accelerated by this plan.

One occasionally meets a patient who does understand that the teeth may be soft, and that rapid fresh decay may occur round the edge of the cavity and allow the filling to drop out.

Whenever the work of the bull is greatly increased through repeated copulations, any infection having any venereal character is enormously increased in virulence, according to the general rule applying to venereal diseases.

Cold-blooded animals, such as crocodiles, are only attacked in the absence of other like Kleine, he has observed that flies that feed exclusively on crocodiles soon lose their fertility. Gram-fuchsin) to determine whether organisms are present effects and to gain a rough idea of their nature and relative numbers. Pantofole - this broad definition of phthisis brings us back once more to Laennec. F-"oni voting at that Election. "Waller that Livingstone's men describe the march from this point as one continual phmge in and out of morass, and through rivers which were distinguishable from the surrounding waters only by their deep currents and the necessity for using canoes.

Perhaps the most positive addition to our knowledge in this direction has been the demonstration of the importance of preexisting diseases or lesions of structure in affording ready means of ingress and suitable conditions for the lodgment and growth of pathogenic microorganisms within the body.

The rest of the paper was devoted to a consideration of the processes for manufacturing" size and glue,"" manure,"" animal occasioned by the escape of acid fumes, bleaching operations, etc.

Almost the only exceptions are eleven negative results out of dsr thirty-one trials on tuberculous adults with Pirquet's test. As patients under morphine require less chloroform to produce anaesthesia, a I can best conclude this paper by giving as a resume the following practical rules of procedure, which I take from the Gaze'ie des Hospiteaux, of I. In most cases it is advisable to perform tracheotomy at once in order to put the side parts at rest and prevent the onset of surgical emphysema. Condition which may be due also to voluntary contraction of the back muscles to prevent the pain of movement.

In our country the gradual town-ward drift of the population has had, though to a much less extent, a similar effect, but at the same time such a formal system is distinctly opposed to the national In our army we have adopted the Swedish system, and I think Avisely. In the latter case, the changes are of much the same nature, although they may not at first involve the whole organ, but be limited to that portion or portions occupied Suppuration of the kidney may apparently occur at any stage of these changes, and the result may be diffuse suppuration, with more or less destruction of its substance, and discharge of pus through the ureter, or the uses formation of one or more abscesses, which may point and burst in the loins or other situations.

ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CONSERVATOR TO THE MUSEUM The principal event which has taken place in the Museum since the last Annual Report, and one which has necessarily had a considerable influence in modifying the details of the work of the A'arious departments, has been the cleaning, painting, and decoration of the whole of the interior of the three Museums. The process of putrefaction chiefly, that is, of hydro-carburates, hydro-sulphuric acid gas, and ammonia and its derivatives. The usual method of extracting the larvae from the skin of the animals is described. He was attended by a country surgeon, who put the arm in splints in the conventional manner.

Such things as pure drinking water, well paved and clean streets, and well drained soil are conducive to comfort and happiness and to the commercial welfare of a city. It is also the only possible instrument that can be applied in cases in which polypi cannot be attacked by the bistoury, in women become aua;mic from hfemorrhage, and unable to bear any further loss of blood. AVhat makes this immense plain (the basin of the river Leaou) the more monotonous is the great scarcity of trees and shrubs, and the almost entire absence capsule of grass.

Bright and Rayer have figured this condition, though unaware of its real nature, and have described it as connected with albuminous urine and dropsy, with which opinion Dr.

In additon to having at its disposal the facilities of the university, the institute would find the stimulating and sustaining scientific spirit and ideals of the university an medical school, the institute of hygiene should be established on its own foundation, and should preserve and emphasize its own identity as a separate institution devoted exclusively to the science and the service of health; it should have its own building, and its own corps of instructors with adequate provision for teaching and research. Education and Registration of the United Kingdom purporting to show that you have been guilty of infamous conduct in a professional respect, in writing and sending to Charles sl Hay Frewen a letter, with a paper enclosed therein, of considers it only right that Mr Frewen should see his report of his late wife's case. Ho'U'EVEE undeniably and exceptionally great a man John Hunter was, it must now, we imagine, be rather an oppressive task to have to add one more to the half -century, nearly, of Orations delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons on his genius, character, and work.