Hypertrophy may be caused by a shrinking or other defect of the valve which guards the opening into the aorta, or large artery leading from the heart. Among the most exclusively professional papers may be mentioned" The Debt of the Public to the Medical Profession,"" The Progress of Surgery in the Nineteenth Century." and" Medicine as a Career for Educated Men." These display high ideals of medicine and lofty hopes for its future, presented in a forceful In another vein may be mentioned a brief paper on the" Cheerfulness of Death," indicating a depth of religious feeling on the part of the author and a habit of mind, which are not common among medical men. These should never be thrown into the common privy, and their contagious principle should be at once destroyed by mg the use of antiseptic agents. This influence is shown in the glycosuria resulting from Bernard's classical piqure in the floor of the fourth ventricle and from other experimental or accidental injuries to the brain, and again in the recorded instances in which true diabetes has been occasioned by tumor or other lesions of the pons, medulla tablet or cerebellum. The patience of the investigator is also often severely tried by the point of the needle being accidentally pushed through the wall of the lymphatic by some slight movement and, although up to that time all has been going well, the injection is ruined. We have deaths, by States and Territories, with distinction of male and female (during the year, not decade), and the percentage of deaths to There are two obvious ways of looking at this table.

This dissimilarity in the foal and calf is largely accounted for by the differences in the placental attachment (see" Retention of the Afterbirth"): pantact. He must share the responsibilities of treatment, and must not be promised a cure from the action of some infallible operation or drug.

The temperature about ten days before the treatment had showing the rapid fall which followed the admijiistration of Streptococcus pyogenes vaccine wlien doses of a vaccine made from another variety of Streptococcus luid small doses were given of D. Rotation produced a normal response. They act as a framework and support other structures. The patients had been at the first examination, but were found subsequently during their stay in hospital. No results of crashes are included in these figures. Grimshaw, being the first of two lectures on"The Present State of our Knowledge of the Intimate Pathology of Contagion, and its Relation to the Prevention and Cure of Zymotic Diseases". Walton proceeded to prepare for him solutions containing definite amounts of alcoholic extract and of aqueous extract. Physiologists had been sufficiently active in other directions during this half-century, but it was not until the time of which I am speaking that their attention was directed again to this particular field of inquiry.

It was a maxim in almost all operations in this region to restrict the incision to the prostate, and not permit it to pass through the fibrous pantactive tissue which invests the organs, ehe all the consequences of urinary infiltration in the recto-vesical space may ensue. In this way, time is allowed for the excited influence of the heart to subside while the subject of it is placed perforce in the recumbent attitude. He does not know of a similar affection in any of his antecedents, but his niece, a sister's daughter, has the color audition form of synesthesia, and also the involvement of the pain sense.


Recovery may occur in apparently desperate cases, hours, days, or weeks grave "dsr" sequela may develop. Havmg as usually removed the tube to cleanse if, noticed something sticking to its outer surface on the left side near the lenestrura, to which she called her father's attention, and which, on 20 minute examination, proved to be a small fish-bone, about five-eighths of an inch in length, curved, flattened, and triangular at one end, but growing smaller and tapering at the other end.

In many cases, however, probably the majority, the murmur lacks the presystolic accentuation and is definitely mid-diastolic in time and diminuendo in character or it occupies virtually the whole of diastole and is accentuated at the beginning and at the end of the period.

Hemophilic children should be placed under good hygienic conditions and should be protected, so far as possible, from traumas of all kinds. In some cases, however, they are due to solely to worry occasioned by a knowledge of the fact that an anomaly exists. It was stated at the last meeting of the Committee of Council, and may possibly be stated again here to-day, that that economy would amount to between if not ridiculous, when we remember that the total cost of composition as a great and most utterly unfounded reflection against our present of twenty-five years, we have been much indebted, as Dr.

Remissions from the violence of the pain may take place, but the patient does not experience entire relief until the passage of the stone into the intestine is effected; this may be accomplished in from one to several hours, or may take several days.

Many cases are latent for years and fail of recognition until discovered accidentally in a routine examination for life insurance or until the occurrence of a serious or fatal complication. The only places where the water-supply may be characterised as third class are where there is no public supply, but the water is derived from pumps and wells, or direct from the river. In Europe endemic goiter is found particularly in the Swiss and Italian Alps and in the Pyrenees; in this country it is especially common in the region of the Great Lakes. Our not very remote descendants, we venture to say, will regard the nervous system as holding a position in the economy both of health and disease far more important than that which we have been accustomed to assign to it.