Beginning just below this point, a pocket was made by dissecting the integument and subcutaneous connective tissue free from the underlyingfascia. Within the last quarter of a century our knowledge of methods for preventing or curing so many other diseases has increased to such an extent that the average paste span of life of the present generation will exceed by several years that of any preceding generation in the world's history. The organization of the profession in England for such purposes is, I may remark, very extensive and complete.


(Hemmeter, Manual of On the other hand, it is a function of physiological instruction to give a thorough knowledge of the more common and simpler methods which phy sicians must make constant use of: banminth. Dionis, the frank, honest fellow, criticised his reasons and condemned his rules, concluding in these words:" I shall add that Mauriceau made his observations from himself, for though married forty-six years he did not have a single child. The physiological laboratory work is an indispensable complement to the lecture course, and that for "cai-panmint" various reasons. The Medical Society of Aberdeen had been for years saving up for a Hall to take the place of inconvenient rooms hired here and there through the town. It does not now take so long as it formerlv took to establish facts that are opposed to tradition, and when they are estabHshed they are more universally recognized. He has found different individuals unequally susceptible, but has been able to assure himself that there is always some effect. The following case illustrates the sequence of right ear, said to be tablet due to damp dwelling. These are the cases which are often confounded with Raynaud's disease: springs. There is still a great deal of uncertainty as to the treatment of acidosis. He is reported to have said that if any man needed a medical attendant for himself or his family, he would do as well to call in a mad dog as Mr Bell.

At the autopsy there was found not only amyloid of the liver and spleen, but the microscope "40" showed unmistakable amyloid of the glomeruli and vasa afferentia of the kidney, a condition in which one would expect albuminuria. Infantile myxoedema sometimes occurs in two or more children of the same reported a family in which two cases of myxoedema occvu-red (panamint).

At the age of twenty-eight years he attempted coitus for the first time and failed, and this failure panimage was repeated at every subsequent attempt. He was decidedly odd in appearance, was full of fidgety impatience, and wore a small scratch wig, and a gown which flapped about his feet or hands or eyes from time students to merriment He used to rush into class, as if late, in a,great hurry, sometimes hang his wig on a pin instead of his hat, and sometimes removed both, leaving his head bald.

It may follow exposure to cold, as seen especially in torticollis, but here, as in other forms, trauma often plays a part (mg).

In one of the large emergency hospitals in New York, where the writer is operating surgeon, abundant opportunity for proving the therapeutic effect of the foregoing has been afforded. Here, however, it is often the part of wisdom to open and provide drainage and to do nothing more at the time. These data will be ascertained for the United States, for groups of States, for individual.States, and, in some instances, for parts of States. I heartily agree w'ith the gentleman who read that paper and I believe that henceforth, though I am old and gray, when I make an examination I will make a rectal examination.