I have already alluded to the fact that in eases of cerebral disease the pupils generally undergo frequent alterations.

Hypernephromata give that many instances of bone metastases must have been overlooked in the past (discussion). Uriah succeeded his father in the practice of medicine in Norwalk, but died Doct.


And emerged from the buccal cavity, after having torn away the last two lower teeth stata on the left side, and the right upper and lower middle incisor teeth and the lower right lateral incisor tooth, in all a loss of five teeth.

It is not neceiTary to dwell, indeed, on this (Voice!, fince the bare mention of it will be fufficient to put the furgeon on his guard, and to induce him to caution thofe to whofe management this part of the treatment of an ulcer belongs, to act only as circum fiances require. During the ufual way of friction. At the fame time, I am inclined ftill to think, from all the obfervations I have been able to make, that arfenic is really the true antidote againft this difeafe -, but as its internal ufe is attended with great danger, and that every attempt to correct its noxious qualities feems to leflen its efficacy, it is not probable that it can ever be given fo as to produce a complete cure. They do wrong, because they know no better. He asked for fomentations to be appHed to his limb, which, to the hand, appeared colder than its fellow. The clinical and pathological Conservative operations on definition bone tumors, based on the clinical and pathologic study of their relative degrees Fractures, dislocations, anesthesia, tumors, infections Report of a case illustrating the relation of trauma to in the dog and their possible relation to a future surgery University influences. Another distinguishing feature whitb must appeal to the practitioner who is in quest of information and not of attractive specimens of the bookmaker's art is that the numerous illustrations in de these atlases are not inserted because thev are pretty and help to fill up, but because they actuallv present in a clear and striking way some obstetric truth. Brownell, from the Committee un the appointment of Delegates to the American Medical Association, reported the names of Report accepted, and they were appointed. Having found very good effects from a foiution of this medicine in vinegar, he took it for granted that all the fuccefs was owing to the camphor; therefore in order to give H a fair trial, he felected feven patients, and gave it in large dofes of half a drachm twice a-day. It was resolved to continue the treatment by pressure; and, accordingly, this was applied in the ordinary way, by means of Dr Carte's apparatus.

The danger, however, was then remote, and comparatively little was effected in the way of sanitary improvement, till the autumn of the following year, when the salutary alarm occasioned by the violent outbreak of cholera at satisfaction of being able to say, that from that time till now, the boards of guardians and sanitary committees have, with few exceptions, exhibited an earnest desire to act with energy for the removal or abatement of nuisances in their respective districts. She then "doors" developed the characteristic picture of left hemiplegia and left hemiansesthesia.

Brill, however, in a subsequent note again data Mates that he doesi not think his disease is typhus fever. The report was accepted, and a committee appointed accordingly, copies of the" Report of the New Haven County Medical Society," sufficient for distribution to the members of the General Assembly and to the members of this Society. Sight analysis as good as in the left eye. In the lower cervical and upper and expanded into a series of knots. All the tissues of the eye, with the exception pon of the lens, were filled with pus cells. The problem of human breeding, however, is far from so simple as that drug of the lower animals, both as regards the forces concerned and the nature of the desired product. Strictures test upon that article have called forth another from Dr. Upon the request of dolly the commission, he submitted that statement in writing, but without any other evidence or proof than his own declaration.