As to the lipoid extracted from Besredka's p-zole tuberculin, as I expected, it can cause fixation of complement with syphilitic serums, if used in adequate amount: when a large amount of this lipoid, extracted from tuberculin, was collected, the ethereal extract evaporated to dryness, as would lipoids extracted from any source. This membrane was of considerable strength, and much resembled CASES SHOWING THE VALrE OF IRON IN In the following 20 cases of morbus cordis, under the use of scsquicliloride of iron, well-marked valvular murmurs were found gradually to diminish, and finally, in some of them, to disappear. In pursuing this coarse the physic' tnast expect in some cases to encounter the importunities of the patient or friends for medicine to open the bowels. Bromal, Iodal, Chloral, and Butyl Chloral are dsr derivatives of aldehyd. After his discharge, he had tolerable health and no return of his dysenteric symptoms; bat, just before from pains in the right chest. By no amount of weight extension could the upwards in the interval between the biceps and the vastus externus.

Iodine externally "zaledor" somewhat diminished the bronchocele. We are happy in learning, however, at the latest dates, that an improvement has taken place, and that the number of deaths is distress which must follow in the train of such a pestilence has claims upon the sympathies and aid of the community, and we are glad to see that these have been rendered from all parts of the country.

If region of spleen is very sensitive, Aeon, x Nux Ignatia if patient is easily startled or Agaricus mus.


Joints or other tissues is not a source of irritation or injury, excepting where it acts mechanically; as when admitted into a vein by producing asphyxia, into the thoracic cavity by its pressure producing collapse of the lungs, or when, by the long-continued exposure of a large amount of sm-face of any of the internal organs whose normal temperature is much above that of the atmosphere, it reduces it so as to produce a about the joints is not only no impediment to their ultimate strength but facilitates the cure by enabling the Surgeon to open the affected part fully, for the pui-pose of applying Medical substances to the articular siu-faces when these are mode of treating ulcerations of bone, however slight, within a joint, is to lay it open freely and apply remedial agents joints early in eases of matter burrowing in them is far more imperiously demanded than the openmg of other parts thus aft'ected, and the operation produces no further pain or inconvenience to the patient, in any respect, than when after opening a large joint, the knee, for instance, by an incision several inches long, the wound should be kept open by the introduction of lint or other simUar substances until the parts within the articulation become healthy, and in all extensive wounds opening freely the large joints, such as the knee (even when lacerated as by a saw, which must necessarily heal by granulation), do not as often give rise to violent symptoms as very small wounds, such as are made by the comer of a hatchet, an adze, or a penknife, which heal on known limits beyond which a tendon or ligament will not be reproduced after division, provided the parts are made to heal by granulation, and that the present acknowledged rule of two inches being the maximum distance in which the divided ends of a ligament or tendon can safelj- be separated, At the Ethnological Sociefy, last week, a paper was read by Mr. The red corpuscles are shrunki The white corpuscles are often found in clumps in the blood after death. It may occur, and recovery take place, without the development of symptoms denoting an affection of importance; but it becomes a very If the perforation take place in that portion of the caecum not invested with the peritoneum, the gaseous and other contents of the intestine, escaping ioto the areolar tissue, give rise to inflammation which may be either diffused or circumscribed, in the latter case forming an abscess called a fecal abscess. To this second class of diseases belong hemorrhages, tumors, the transverse, tbe dif. We'll always be the best of p-piller friends. Recent residence in an infected locality mg predisposes. The opinion was also expressed by the author that, during the dentition of the dentes sapientia;, marked disturbance of the general health, especially in females, was common; most frequently in some form of gastric trouble, such as intense pain and vomiting after food. In the article on weights and measures which follows, directions will be found for readily converting weights or measures of one system into those of As this work is intended mainly as a formulary, the description of pharmaceutical apparatus in general use, and the description of medicinal substances, except as given under general headings, is mostly omitted; for the same reason, the tests of lsr chemicals, etc., are not generally given.

On the second day, this pustule contains a yellow, turbid liquid, in which the microscope shows the zoely characteristic elements of pus. He thought that the general education of medical men should not differ from that of the members of other professions. The opium-eater is without sexual appetite; anger, envy, malice, and the entire hell-brood claiming kin to these, seem dead within him, or at least asleep; while gentleness, kindness, benevolence, together with a sort of sentimental religionism, constitute his habitual frame of mind. If incomplete in both extremities, the degree of paralysis is generally greater in' one than in the other extremity, and in the vast majority of eaaes the greater degree is in the upper extremity.

The two kidneys presented, essentially, the same characters, though the morbid alterations appeared to have progressed somewhat more in tlie left than in 40 the right one. When it is borne in mind that the patients are usually seen only once, and that inquiries of this kind are often hurriedly made and sometimes omitted, it will be granted that, in all probability, a similar account would have been given by a much larger proportion had time allowed. The objects of treatment are the prevention of the continued progress of the affection and more or less amelioration as regards the tremor. To call the removal of a wedge of bone a subcutaneous operation, is to give language an elasticity beyond all warranty. A man or child zoley well supplied with material for muscle and nerve force mtist use it up somehow; in mischief, if in no other way.

The Cornish men are mostly Gaels, and the dilference between their expanded chests and the contracted chests of the men of Kent was stated to be remarkably conspicuous in the space occupied by Kentish and Cornish militia, the same number of the latter occupying considerably more ground than the former. That was the way in which the Society might be improved. This change is called red or cyanotic atrophy of the liver.