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One class is what may be termed the displact d varii ty, the other the non-displaced variety. For tribromaldehyde, see BKOMALIZAKIN, n. How should the for remedy be used Thiosinamin is a peculiar drug, giving excellent results in some cases and failing altogether in others. Purgatives are frequently beneficial, but should be employed in such a manner as not to irritate the stomach. As regards the identity of the pearl disease of cattle with tuberculosis, he abstains from personal opinion, but evidently leans toward the skepticism of Virchow. Bodies in the knee joint: First, that extraction of foreign bodies in the knee joint may be practiced without running too much ritk. It has been thought advisable to mention these experiments in order to show the difference existing between chlorinated chloride of ethyl and chloride of ethyl, because during the elimination of the latter product there is complete absence of any disturbance TTood and Cerna came to the following results in their experiments with chloride of ethyl on the rabbit: An increase in the respiratory movements and a decrease in the arterial pressure during narcosis, with an immediate return to the normal state as soon as the anesthetic was stopped. Sudden, severe attack of dyspnea, pain and distress in the region of the heart, and presented the symptoms of violent interference with the circulation which was relieved only by a hypodermic medication, and suggested to my mind that the trouble arose from the phlebitis, embolism, or thrombus. Motile bacilli in small numbers were also still visible in a drop of a five per cent solution after thirty minutes' action. The substances determined in water as aids to a decision regarding its quality are one or more of the following: dissolved oxygen, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, suspended matter, total solids on evaporation, organic and volatile matter, ammonia (free and albuminoid), nitrogen in nitrates, nitrites, hardness (temporary, permanent, or total), chlorine in chlorides, oxygen absorbed (usually from permanganate of potassium), and phosphoric acid in phosphates.