Moore, with the following remarks: Address of the Retiring President. Dogs affected with distemper should be provided with clean, warm, dry, well-ventilated quarters and tablet should be given only small quantities of such easily digested, nourishing foods as milk, raw eggs, raw beef, and beef broth.

Should be removed, else results may not be satisfactory.

Cold water and lint were applied to the wound. On her admission she was free from rheumatism, but complained of pain in the complained also of pain and soreness in the right shoulder.

He regards tea and coffee as highly useful, acting as nervous stimulants and retarding the waste of the tissues. They may yet prove to consist of peculiar mixtures, rather than chemical compounds.


Councilor Fly, of the Panhandle District, desires to call attention to the following birth report of his district, claiming that it is all on account of"ozone" and"stiffeine", the active principles of Panhandle atmosphere: Mrs. Observations made with the patient standing or sitting: gmbh.

The paralysis may affect the eyes to the extent of preventing the contraction of the pupils, and may also cause a relaxation - of the The course of elettronica the disease is fairly rapid, death usually occurring a few hours after the appearance of symptoms. In presenting this subject at this time, it is not my intention to treat the operation in an exhaustive manner; on the contrary, I mean only to touch upon a few of its more important features as they have been impressed upon me in seventy-five experiences. A cubic centimetre of the mercurial solution In testing urine, the phot-phoric and sulphuric acids are first precipitated with barytic water; and after filtration, the urine is weakly acidified with nitric acid. Its outline is one of the most graceful we have ever seen; the teeth, which, for their whiteness and regularity were, in life, the theme of general admiration, are, perhaps, the most perfect ever witnessed in a skull: trading. On the other jiarid, tlie ij;enei-al appearance of the spinal cord, medulla and hrain The microscopic lesions are more severe and widespread in the spinal cord than in the brain, and more pronounced in the gray matter and membranes of the cord than in the white matter. Fraps, state chemist at the Agricultural and Mechanical College, has determined that cotton seed flour made from cotton seed meal can be used as a human food.

One foot or all may be "gmail" involved. In life these berlin worms are reddish in color, indicating perhaps that they are bloodsuckers.

They will be kings and queens, leading spirits in the financial world, prophets of God, mothers of Christ, or any other such elevated idea. It is interesting to note that the longer the two types are grown upon artificial medium, the more tendency there is to assume the longer, irregularly staining forms; but when these cultures are inoculated into animals, they reassume their original shapes.

During the quiescent period, the end of the period of granulous retraction and the beginning of the period of epidermization. Dio ubcrtragcnon Eicr cntwickcltcn sicli noch zuni groBcn Teil, entwickelten sich noch zum kleinen Toil zu schwimmonden Larven.

Different joints had been successively affected, as follows: The right and left knee, the left and right ankle, and the left elbow. He alluded, more especially, to the holding of but one session a day.

This chair he filled with distinction for eight years, when he resigned and again returned to Austin.

And consequently, under the present system, the number of well-educated, scientific, and skilful men, who will undertake the duties of attending the sick poor, must diminish every day; and the end of the system will be, that the poor man shall receive advice and medicine for which little or nothing is paid, ladenbau and from which little or no benefit can be derived There are those who refer to the system of medical relief in the poor-houses and poor-law unions of England, as a precedent to authorize the low rate of remuneration now adopted by the Board of Health and the Government. Cotton to fifty patients in different stages of phthisis pulmonalis, and notes of the cases were carefully" Except in ten instances, it was not continued longer than a month; for within this period its inferiority to the cod-liver oil became too manifest to justify further experiment In those which had reached the third stage: there was in each an increase of weight, the cough was lessened, some of the most urgent symptoms were relieved, and the health improved.

There are two important sources of infection, namely, unclean gm water and contaminated vegetables.