When, therefore, in phthisis, the usual daily febrile movement does not come on, the urine should be examined.


Others think they come from the retinal come from the peripheral veins, from the vena vorticosse, the ciliary body and neighborhood. In both these cases repeated doses of the antitoxin were required, and improvement in the It is interesting to note that in the last case, a child of six, a rash resembling measles with fever and swell ing of the cervical lymphatic glands appeared ou the twelfth day after the ondatab discontinuance of the antitoxin. The cyst and redundant skin were removed, and the resulting raw edges carefully approximated by repeater numerous fine sutures.

Apply blankets wrung from hot water to the loins, changing frequently.

Indeed, a short apprenticeship would be a wise course on the part of any and all who think of going into bees extensively. It is an error to say that alco hoi is necessary to laborers occupied with fatiguing work, that it gives heart for work or renews their strength; the artificial excitement produced by it rapidly gives place to nervous depression and weakness.

That upon the whole, the resistance conferred by tuberculin and that which is observed in animals or in man already attacked by benign forms of scrofula, tuberculosis of the bone, or of the skin, lupus) appear to be of the same nature as that which is artificially effected, whether by intravenous inoculation of human or bovine bacilli, following the methods of Behring or of Koch and Schiiltz, or by subcutaneous inoculation of the same bacilli (Lignieres, Arloing), or by the insertion under the skin of collodion sacs containing cultures of human or bovine tuberculosis Hleymans). In parting the lid, the lining membrane is found injected with an excess of blood, giving it a red and swollen appearance; the white of the eye is bloodshot, and the cornea may be cloudy. The number required for perfection in heifers, as their udder and milkveins cannot be fully developed: a heifer will, therefore, he considered One onda point must be added for pedigree on male side. Some may require a blanket and hood, and a wrapper round the neck to start the perspiration out of them: while there are others that will sweat freely with but little clothes, and scrape well when more have been thrown on at the end of the jog (event).

Of these cholosterin is certainly a pure chemical compound. There,, appears to be no difYerence between the mild form and the so called physiological icterus of the newlv born. For colic in horses, i drachm given with laudanum is when animal cannot swallow, a solution is sprayed into throat with a syringe, or put on the tongue, as a paste, with flour and tonics; also a good astringent, in solution of i ounce to a pint of water, for wounds. What is lacking, therefore, most frequently, to make good use of this great agent is the power of intelligent differentiation. In the end she gave up and submitted to be milked.

The barrel is well-ribbed tablet home. At this time she would go to her room and remain by herself. The existence of the new element was in a few days confirmed by Professor Crookes, who identified grid its spectrum. After having the case under consideration for several days the confidence of the patient was won, and upon accusing her bluntly of the true nature of her trouble, and assuring her that the fact would not be disclosed, she confessed. Tlie second case was similar to the foregoing, but was not quite so severe and required radgrid only one injection. If general anaesthesia is not being employed, the urethra and neck of the bladder are prepared in the usual way with cocaine.

Due to the pressure of blood upon the nerve substance. Note skin, coniunctiva (b) Tests for bile in urine of lb and IVa (gridview). The delivery occurred at term, and during labor the bands were easily apparent, the abdominal scar being drawn up towards the fundus with each contraction of kendo the uterus. Inch behind margin of orbit and one quarter inch above median line. Any intelligent farmer, assisted by his hired help, can do the work.

White, consisting in the application of black-wash and oxide-ofzinc ointment: in. It has not been so happy among us in England, nor do I find it has been equally happy After the ondatabinding publication of the American edition of Bolyston's A ship from London. The change from pork to bacon has also done away with the prejudice that once existed against the meat of the hog, as physicians now prescribe bacon in the diet of their patients in preference to beef or mutton.