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In a case of mucous diarrhoea in a child of one year of age, Dr. The various types of fracture are discussed with tablet the mechanism of their production, illustrated by convincing photographs.

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Both of these 10 organisms have been repeatedly cultured from the stools of healthy children, and also adults. We observe from the daily press that arrangements have been, or are being made, to hold a convention at Ottawa in relation to State Hygiene.

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It may be seen occurring only with price em boli, or the fever may be a promineilt feature of the case and may go on for weeks or months uninfluenced by any form of medication. Though it is weaker and of short duration. A sixth patient died on the twenty-third day of disease; all through the illness there had been signs of a spreading pneumonia of both lungs mg and there was rusty sputum until the end. Sometimes there was a division of the cardiac end into two parts, and in some cases the bismuth could be seen trickling down through the constriction from the upper to the lower, indicating adhesions from old gastric ulcer or neoplasm.