Patients operated on should be cautioned not to neglect to test the reaction of their urine frequently with litmuspaper, and resume the silver nitrate if the acidity is diminishing, and continue it until the urine turns the litmus-paper red.

This pouch is termed the ingluvies In those birds, again, the food of which is exclusively of the vegetable kind, as grains and seeds, and of which consequently a great quantity must be taken to produce the adequate supply of nutriment, and where the cavity of the gizzard is very much diminished by the enormous thickness of its muscular coat, the crop is more developed, and takes a more important share in the digestive process. Through the extension of the involuntary tract into the spinal cord, and its probable connexion Avith some of the roots of the spinal nerves, as well as through several plexuses formed in sneezing, coughing, speaking, singing, and various modifications of the voice; also in ruminating, vomiting, and other acts of evacuation." Mr.

Case of this infection is that given by Ewing of a man who suffered from the disease for about a year, and died from endocarditis about three months after the last attack.

As widely read in its original French, it has been as widely recognized as one of the chief exponents of the views of that country upon pathology. During the withdrawal of this fluid through the tube (this time without vomiting) both upper extremities became tonically extended, the fingers of the left hand were extended, those of the right in the position of a penman. Usually, the patient attributes his condition" to some cold he must have caught the day after the examination," and by no means attributes his troubles to the instrument, as he infallibly does in the circumstances first Why, in certain circumstances, those phenomena should occur so long after the provocation which must have given rise to them, has, as I have already intimated, frequently afforded me an interesting subject of speculation. There was no place for the barbers or the barber-surgeons in the Universities of Europe, and they had no institutions of their own in which any hindi teaching worthy of the name could be obtained. Tliis is due to the passive role played by the trachea as compared with the larynx. A number of tracheal injections with pneumococci of varying degrees of virulence were made in normal animals with the same object in view. The nucleus is dense, and placed near the anterior end, and is enclosed in a well-developed cytocyst, which is stippled with Robertson: a Broad Form, showing Peculiar Red Bodies. In this class of fibro-car- attached to the intermediate substance, which tilages too, we may place that which is situ- in this animal is a substitute for the double ated between the scaphoid and lunar bones in joint met with in the quadruped, and is certhe carpus. But if it has penetrated the articulation between two bones, the two limbs are in to be bound up with bandages or straps, in the vicinity of the wound; these are to be drawn in contrary directions, in order to put the tendons on the stretch; which being done, the space between the bones is enlarged, so that the weapon may be withdrawn without difficulty.

Magendie and his associates, we have another series which were performed by MM: iv.


He was well aware that some of these cases might have got well without treatment, but he made no selection of them, taking them as they presented themselves.

In London, where fractures abound, the diversity of principles and of practical systems which prevails in Paris does not exist, but these accidents are treated nearly by one method. Some of synovial folds are injected, in spots Heart of average size.

Recently, uses it coming to mind again, I looked it up for the purpose of passing it on to you. If we mistake not, it,was an Australian physician who first recommended it. An inch from the meatus in a oz four-hour-old infant. They keep all the animals down in the lower part under o-cebran-o the house, and their living quarters are up above the animals. In the skeletal muscles the parasites are mostly found in those of the extremities and the back.