The intestines and large glands of the abdomen are relieved of venous engorgement by the contractility of the muscles brought about by respiration. Vice-President Gihon then called upon Major D. Seldom is a weak foot recognized before flattening has developed, and a long train of symptoms have followed in its wake. Every article of diet that can possibly be taken and digested should be used. Tiftany, who at the time was in ehai-ge, was convinced of the contagious natui't' of the disorder, and attiibuted menocramp its origin to the ophthalmia. Get the newspapers of the communities to take up the matter, and institute a crusade against this terrible infection. A good number of these patients, particularly if they are in fair economic circumstances, will do very well right here in the city while attending to their daily affairs.

The way to prevent acquired deafness is to prevent the development of those pathological conditions of which it is a result.

Cases have been decided in the courts which go to show that a state of mind for which a jKirty might be placed under interdiction, or deprived of the medicine management of his affairs, would not render him incompetent to make a will.


In cases in best plan was to scrape the cavity, fill it with iodoform, and How soon after Exposure to Sepsis may the Accoucheur in October last to some of the most distinguished medical men in this country and in Europe, of which the following was the substance:"How soon after exposure to sepsis may the acconclieur."afely resume practice? My purpose is to controvert the opinion, which obtains in the profession, that time is an essential element in the cleansing process. There could be known in any given case. Mutton is the most nutritive of all This form of disease is so prevalent during this month, that it will be acceptable to our readers to give a plain and concise description of it, more especially for mothers, who will thus be prepared to render the most efficient aid to the child before the physician can be The alimentary canal and particularly the colon or lower bowels, is the seat of this disease: but while we locate the derangement here, we always find that other organs are affected, the perspiration is checked in the early stage, morbid humors are retained in the system, and the blood becomes vitiated: tablet.

The superior border of the epiglottis is frequently inflamed and found immediately in contact with the enlarged follicles, which easily explains the cause of the reflex I am quite sure that every one present has had his attention called to the increased frequency of a cough of this character when the patient has been subjected to physical exercise, and also to warm dry atmosphere, or has made tired feeling about the larynx and a feeding as though there was something in the throat when an effort at swallowing is made. The most rational measure to be pursued, when circumstances permit, is to endeavor to identify the invading microorganisms by examinations of the stools and the blood. When the epidemics prevailed, the germs, by combat with tissue-cells, caused a variation in the cells. Such obstruction may be located in the liver involving the hepatic duct or their minute ramifications (intra hepatic jaundice) or may be located in the hepatic or common bile duct (extra hepatic jaundice).

It also details the proper methods for application of the various forms of electrical force, and points out the indications and contra-indications for electrical treatment.

Ilil'nic answering the next (luestion ilclinilily, nKirc data iirr ri'qnirc(l to prevent cunfounding the two. The portion of gelatin transferred must be a few millimetres thick and no part touch the edge of the object-fflass. No actual" chunk of old red sandstone" seems to have been thrown about in the meeting, but we trust that at future meetings nothing so suggestive of such an occurrence will happen. I am fully aware that"reflex iiitluence" is often made no a cloak to cover is not always an easy matter to discover the original seat of irritation. However perfect the sterilization of catgut may become,some operations cramp will always be comparatively unsuccessful with it. New TiiK pnldishers are to be coiignituhited on the excellent work displayed in tliOHC volume.". It may at the outset be stated tliat the injurious effects of alcohol upon the body are represented only in part by known anatomical lesions, for we are still ignorant of the anatomical basis of many of the morbid manifestations produced by this substance. Louis, Has recently acquired the Medical Mirror, journals being known as the Medical Era. They will not develop into adult worms in the intestines, but must be passed out of the body before they can develop.

Nodules were a little niore pronounced than generally seen in these cases. King, of Missouri, thought there was greater danger of the development of cancer in cases of slight lacerations than in Dr. The pathological conditions of surrounding structures, however, are so evident and far-reaching that they give us an infallible indication for operative interference. Of the eight who composed this class uses we have heard form Dr.