Desquamation is of digitalis in the dropsy following this aftection.

She was given nutritious food, cod-liver oil at intervals, cold sponge baths, with douches over spine followed by friction, and ignatia ix. Mental Health Administration Can a physician in the community refer patients to the Halfway Houses? Not directly, but he can refer them to the Adams Mill Alcoholism Center or if more appropriate, the uses inpatient facilities, with the recommendation that they be considered for admission to a Halfway House.


The Registration shall be conducted by the ('onservator of the Museum, or Teachers. Health if they will, in forwarding their Annual and other Reports, favour us with Authors desiring reprints of their articles published in the Journal, are requested Correspondents, who wish notice to be taken of their communications, should Communications respecting editorial matters, should be addressed to the Editor: those concerning business matters, non-delivery of the Journal, etc., should be whether of infectious or of other diseases, in preference to Iciving them in their suspended in the office of the Secretary of ihc College of Sur;:eons, where you will, doubtless, be able to see it. For itself, the outlook is bright: and as bright be the fortunes of the countless friends to whom the GazETTE proffers its hearty The Comparative Merits of Methods of Materia Medica Revision is already, as it seems, become an issue. These were cases of malpractice, and of no value in a statistical point of view. There had been complete aphonia for more than two months, and even whispering was very painful. In the past few years, efforts have been made to fasten dislocated kidneys in place with sutures but without very satisfactory results.

Durmg the past few days; skin of the arm when friction is applied assumes a natural healthy hue; the axilla when cleansed revealed deadened nerves ana vessels and portion of the original sac of the aneurism, contracted and hard to the touch, lying high up in the cavity. Crichton Browne of the Hatch Asylum, and Dr. Besides, it contains free alkali, and often free chlorine.

Ours, however, is a an age in which mind is as subject to mechanical power as the machine which at every turn, turns out a button-mole, or a which mind has become a sort of spiritual steam-engine, which fields of science, untrammeled and free," and it may be that knowledge is acquired now with so much greater facility than in the days of Thessalus, that notwithstanding the number of branches now taught, a man may, like Strepsiades, in the clouds of Aristophanes,"hang his cloak upon the Arts and Sciences," and let education"soak in from the outside." We hasten on to give a sketch of several Greek physicians, and enquire what they did to advance the medical art: 30.

Whether chloroform or ether be given, it must be given with carefulness, but yet with confidence;"we must get rid of fear, we cannot act at all till then"; we must avoid alike timidity And now, gentlemen, I have done. They ask for certain rights, nothing short of which will place them on an equality, politically and professionally, with the regulars. It left him free for a year and a half, and then returned as before. Their heirs and executors may swell with pride, when their wills go to probate! But we plain, every-day doctors, who only have to wrestle with such easy, commonplace, every-day things as of one of MS leaving a fortune? If we can keep our life-insurance premiums paid up, we appoint a Thanksgiving Day! Fame? Nonsense! Fame, too, is for those lucky dogs, the croupy baby from death's door, and when the grandmother comes, next week, she will say she has often cured such cases with three cents' worth of goose-grease. The os was exp.anded to about the extent of two inches, and was easily dilatable.