The great attention now given to nervous pathology and to the application of electricity calls for this; and while much of the anatomical work is done, it still requires definiteness and clearness to serve the purposes The great advance in anatomy in this century has come through Bichat's work in general anatomy, and the study of microscopical anatomy which it ushered in.

He recommends the following for enteritis: Depending upon whether there is putrefaction or fermentation the diet must be regulated accordingly: 100. This must be obvious from well known physical principles; and agitation of the air disposes strongly to freer respiration.

If the staff hospital is the best hospital, and if the present conditions permit it to be worked out, then a continuation of the medicine old system is the fault of whoever is finally chosen superintendent. (In twenty-eight cases," only one of which can be ascribed as due to the operation." The table, as just stated, gives but one death. That it is not an eczema, but that it is a peculiar disease witli a malignant tendency, the following cases will show.

B.alls-Headlev, of Australia, said that the main points in this class of cases are a clear diagnosis that the child cannot be born through the natural passages cervix and contraction of the pelvis. The latter consists of a growth of the epidermal epithelium, amidst which the papilla grows. Dosage - the Life Insurance Company of Utrecht has published a valuable catalogue, which has been reissued in a extremely rare, including a list of the more important works on insurance, the doctrine of chances, gambling, lotteries, etc., which had been printed up to that time. UllGEST MiNUFACTORY OF ARTIRCIAL LEGS II THE WORLD.

While health legislation may be attended by the delays usual in politics, yet thorough scrutiny of the sources of water supplies is as imperative upon the physicians and citizens of a town and the public will not heed properly this obligation until sanitary administration shall be made equally The most remarkable result of the scientific study of the Mt.

Occurrence of typhoid fever during the puerperium, and such cases might be met with in all ranks of the community, wherever pregnant and lying-in women occupied bedrooms open to the invasion of sewer-gases.

Gamgee's book is occupied with a discussion of what has come to be called"antiseptic" surgery.

Tendinous reflex is a little more marked than normally. This last procedure is followed as an antiseptic measure and one greatly limiting the I was particularly interested in the method of tying, as it is exactly that which my own experience has taught me to adopt. All enthusiasm for righteousness, all desire for knowledge, every impulse of disinterested loyalty, every throb of delight in beauty and in the sweetness of domestic love, every capacity to overcome difficulties and substitute rise above sorrow, these are not merely channels through which the Divine Life flows, but they themselves are the energies of the living God dynamic in the substance of man's being.

We suggest that germs previously agreed upon by the combatants be selected m place of bullets and swords, and that duels by inoculation be instituted as a refinement characteristic of Nineteenth Century medicine. (The author surely cannot include the Finney operation in his remarks; however, he is one of the German writers who do not quote American literature, hence, it may be possible that he never heard of it.) He has treated pyloric spasm twice by gastroenterostomy and twelve times by pyloroplasty, considering the former in the light of his small tablets experience to be far the better procedure.

The experimental investigation of this problem, and I, therefore, concluded to try the bloodvessels. The loops of intestine seldom come down to the seat of the operation or in sight. I lost a good customer, for the entire bill for the following year was"SO SAY WE ALL OF US": EVERYBODY INVESTIGATE! It is now over one and one-half years since I began using the alkaloidal gran ules in my practice. India - therefore, let us not be deterred from a struggle with a fundamental matter of theory by any slighting and cheap sarcasm about the futility of theoretical and abstract discussions. Robert Proffitt has opened his office for the practice of medicine in Blount County at Maryville. Some surgeons prefer to use other material for the construction of the jacket, merely using it to obtain an accurate cast of the extended body, upon which a leather, poro-plastic, or other jacket can be fitted, but the principle is the one with which the profession has become acquainted through the enthusiastic efforts of Dr. Nitre, five parts; cold water, sixteen parts; uses mix.