The penis was about two inches long and very large. George Jewett, of this city, is of more than usual interest as regards its nature, course, and favorable termination. More recently, especially since the introduction of suction instruments, and through the able advocacy of Dr (full). A medicine which produces redness of the skin. As soon as the fibrous parts which hold the bones together are divided, they separate to a certain distance from each other; and the delivery may be accomplished. The itching in some cases, indeed, is unbearable: nimcare. They commence in most cases long before the actual proofs of the growth of tubercles exist, and they continue, as a rule, throughout the whole duration of the disease (dt). The operation which I am about to describe may be relied upon as the perfected Storrs operation.

It met with great success during a number of years, and I still regard it as a valuable adjunct to the work-table, even though a larger and more elaborate outfit be available. Is not known to have had rheumatism nor any severe illness previous to last January. The term is, however, generally restricted to Poisoning has also been used, by a few, to denote the series of symptoms resembling those produced by certain poisons, which occasionally follow the use of substances that are generally innoxious. It remains to add that they may discharge themselves in various directions: as, for example, through the external abdominal parietes; through the diaphragm into the pericardium, pleura, or lung; or into the peritoneum, stomach, duodenum, tab or colon. Petersburger Wochenschrift:"For the good results in ovariotomy during the last few years we are indebted to subtile cleanliness and the dropping in of the stump into the abdominal spray, nor a drainage tube, nor the antiseptic bandage.

A form of it, under the name Foudre niitrimentive ou nntrimentaire, has been much used.


The condition to which the above names have generally been given is mainly a disease of tropical climates, and more especially of certain parts of India: form. Ilefiex irritability is diminished, the pupils however react on being touched. Thus, it may be due to a wound, such as is made in paracentesis or when the pleura is punctured in the carelessly performed operation ot tracheotomy; or to the opening into the pleura of an abscess hospital already communicating with the exterior, such as one in the parietes of the chest, or an hydatid or other abscess of the liver. The Fallopian tubes were much enlarged and adherent.

Case number nine was one of extreme virulence; which in a person already emaciated and unable to stand a severe sickness of any kind, quickly brought a state of collapse, which the operation, and the removal of the No particular interest is recalled of the other cases dominal wall contained three to four inches of fat which with an unusually heavy muscular and tenderness developed, made the case one of extreme difficulty to operate upon, with but one assistant at command. But these hypnotic phenomena are much more prompt and complete, according to Grasset.

The space at the inferior region of the trunk, between the ischiatic tuberosities, anus, and genital organs. In cases of great narrowness of the pelvis, the operation of Sywphysotomy has been If the body of the foetus has been forcibly separated, and the head left in the uterus, it must be laid hold of with one hand, and the forceps be applied; or the head be opened and delivered, as under embryulcia. During another quarter the forenoons will be spent in clinical work in the eye service at the Cook County Hospital. The other article is a translation from Le Progres Medical. If the disease seated high up, as in the cervical or upper dorsal region, there is difficulty in the act of micturition, owing to spasm of the sphincters; if, on the other hand, the disease be situated in the lower dorsal or But paralysis below the seat of lesion is not necessarily complete: guwahati.