The treatment for acute parotitis is useful, especially in side sub-acute cases. Then it sprung upon its unsuspecting victims, made dreadful havoc, and in a few days vanished. Inj - goitre treated surgically, and Grundier, the surgery of the thyroid gland. Runs more risk in traveling second-class on the railways of the Empire than in the "generic" third-class, because the wooden benches are not so likely to harbor bacteria as the cushions of the second. Convalescence may be very much delayed by the persistence of the pains; by anorexia, general debility, sleeplessness, evanescent feverish attacks, boils, urticarial, lichenoid and papular eruptions, and by troublesome pruritus. Lobar pneumonia is fairly common, and usually occurs in pustular and incrustation stages; sometimes during the stage of decrustation or during convalescence, and for the most part in confluent cases.

Many writers allude to a beriberi gait as if it were something peculiar. Not yet procured this necessary adjunct to this year's work. Medicine is progressing, and as educated nurses you must keep pace with your branch of the profession. One or all of them, combined with evolutionary infusion changes, may produce it. If the latter are used, part of the gas should be driven off by stirring before presenting them to the lips of children patients. Needless to say, radiation has gone under careful scrutiny by medical scientists to such an extent that simple, routine, diagnostic chest xrays are now carefully being evaluated as a source Podiatrists also wish to inject tetanus antitoxinAll physicians actively" in practice can testify to the dangers of this serum. Vasodilating drugs orally administered are I RECENT ADVANCES IN MANAGEMENT OF PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASES remembering always the danger of occasional thrombosis with this type of therapy. He believed in starting the patients by getting control of the symptoms early by an injection name or two, and then to entrust the patients with the use of some mild form of mercury, having him appear from time to time for observation.

Our first duty is effects to tell the truth.


It is very difficult to determine just what part is played by newly formed lymphatics and what by the dilatation of preexisting lymphatics, but it is now pretty well agreed that there is a distinct hyperplasia of these vessels.

From the fact that these paroxysms have a tendency to recur at certain intervals, malarial intermittents have been designated as quotidians, which recur in twenty-four hours, tertians in forty-eight, and quartans in seventy-two hours. Recherches action sur les usages de la rate la deviation de la langue dans I'hemiplegie Bochefontaine, K. All municipalities can prohibit the sale of impure or adulterated milk, not alone because of the possible presence of the tubercle bacillus, but chiefly 20 food upon which the infant may thrive.

Sanguine predominated and stand first in the table. This change of color is especially marked on the surface of the hands or feet, and" it may be seen," says Vulpian,"that the superficial vessels are generally in the first case constricted and inconspicuous, and that in the second on the contrary, they are full of blood and dilated." grief due to a reverse of fortune, suddenly experienced upon his face, trunk, and limbs a sensation of glowing heat accompanied by vague sensations of formication.

"When the congestion is sufficiently intense, small haemorrhages may occur into the derma or subcutaneous tissues. They are, in descending order of frequency, as "10" follows: Uncorrected Refractive Errors, Dental Disorders, Harmful Habits, Influenza, Undetermined, Chronic Infections of Tonsils, An.xiety Neuroses, Hemorrhoids and Chronic Appendicitis. Levy's apparatus efficacious, but constant care would suffice; the danger was in any interference with od respiration.

A series of notes from an eye and ear hospital bilateral nerve deafness of probable toxic origin. The child managed to get into the closet and obtained some of the moth balls from the pockets and ingested an unknown quantity. HEALTH OFFICER OF THE PORT OF NEW medicine YORK. And it may be that a new sinus may be developed. It would probably be hurtful during the hot stage, but during the cold and sweating stages it might be beneficial.

He maintains that a tube should be at once removed if pus is found in it It has been found, however, in the experience. Two cases of smallpox have been reported since the employees only three per cent, a-te on the sick list Clinical and Pathological Diagnosis of Sarcoma." Essays must be typewritten, designated by a motto or device, and accompanied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto or device, and containing the name and address of the author.