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Mr. Irfan Altun,

General Manager,
A-Marble, Co.,

The Company:
A-marble Co. is specialized and focused in processing, cutting in to tiles and slabs and submitting the clientele all the exotic Natural Stones from all around Turkey and Iran as colored Marble, Travertine, Granites and Onyxes.

Working from a stone background, our professional team along with years of experience bring a breath to the Turkey Stones, each persons of A - Marble has spent his life in the past at the Biggest and Largest Companies of Turkey to carve out the beauties from Ground, now their experience, ability and capability are facilitating your inquiries in quality.

The Personality
Mr. Irfan Altun was born in Germany in 1972 and graduated his preliminary and High School in Germany.

In 1996 he has been graduated from Geological Engineering Academy of Turkey in Selcuk University. And at the same year he has been engaged in the Natural Stone sector.

With the fellowship and hard work, since 2003 he is the General Manager of "A-marble Co." and he well deserve the position.

The Crust:
Hello Mr. Irfan, it’s quite apparent that your company’s working tactics had been very pioneering, would you like to emphasize that? What did you practice that made you a pacesetter? Tell us something about your company.

Mr. Irfan Altun:
A-marble Co. is focused on to supply its clientele all around the world to give the best material along with the best selection, workmanship, packaging, delivery systems. Cause all 1 pieces of tiles are under the warranty of A-marble Co.

A - Marble specialize in Exporting and Manufacturing natural stone Blocks, Tiles and Slabs throughout Turkey.

We established A - Marble at earlier 2003 along with the founders / partners long years basis Experiences in Natural Stone sectors from Extracting the Blocks up to Submitting the Blocks and Cut-to-Sized Materials of all kind of Stones in to the Markets all over the World.

The Crust:
That must have been an incredible facility you are providing to the Customers, tell us something special about your factories and Quarries?

Mr. Irfan Altun:
In our Factories and Quarries the special one is the Quality Standards. Quality is the most important ones for us and for our customers. Also in each per stages in the Factory the precision is significant.

The Production and Sales target of the A - Marble A.S. is to reach 15,000 m3 in Blocks yearly. Our aim is to provide service for continuing and high quality material for national and international markets.

And also we have been quarrying the Limestone, Marble and Travertine’s and submits it to the worldwide purchasers who know the value and worth of Stones.

The Crust:
So that gets us pretty much up to speed. Can we talk specifically about the products your company is offering?
Mr. Irfan Altun:
A - Marble produces Marble, Travertine, Granite, Onyx, and Sandstone from Turkey’s Natures. Some of our main products are Travertine:

Navona, Romano, Scabas, Classic Medium and Yellow of Turkey, Red - White of Iran Travertine. Following the requestment of our clientele we have been start to produce Rosso Levanto, Botticino Royal, Cream Marfil, Aegean Brown, Light Emparador, Classic Beige, Rosa Portugalo, Bianco Rosa, Bianco Ibiza, Bianco Royal, Costa Esmeralda, Green Onyx. We are able to produce all sizes slabs and tiles.

The Crust:
Anything new you want to tell us?

Mr. Irfan Altun:
At the present time we are working on some chemicals by our Research and Development division for improving the resistance of some soft Stones like Limestone. Because wall cladding is a special work and a lot of the stones "fade" following some time by the Sun. We receive a lot of complaints from our questionnaires on a lot of countries.

The Crust:
What is ‘special’ that your company does and you want to cheer on again and again?

Mr. Irfan Altun:
Hmmm about you’re this question I would like to give an example: One of our clients in Romania has been called us on the 1st week of January 2006 and told to us that he has won the Romanian Architect Award 2005 for Marble Installation.

This client was engaged and begun to work with us one year ago in 2004 and his complaint was that he never has got a well produced material with quality, sizes etc.

One of our Clients in Australia has been called us and told to us his thank you due to the quality of the material selection and packaging standards and he said that he has never got material like this selected and packaged. He was starting to do business with us 3 months (October) ago in 2005.

Now you can yourself have a speedy vision what is special about my company and what I want to cheer.

The Crust:
Comment on the conditions of the stone industry, how do you compare it from the past to what it is now?

Mr. Irfan Altun:
During my career I have been encountered that a lot of Factory and Quarry owner has been treated to the stone like a stepchild. And they tried to sell the stone and tiles with all the defects, spots and dots without any quality control. Their only aim was to cover the cost.

But now the time has changed, not all, but some of them have improved their quality standards. If I look and investigate the Stone Companies who is attending to the stone fairs on the world, I encounter that a lot of companies has not been figured out which market requires what kind and color of stone. They try to sell all stones to all markets and next complaining that its sale is so slow. Instead of that if he makes a market research during the establishing the Company he will see the truth.

The Crust:
Tell others about your relationship with Stone Matrix?

Mr. Irfan Altun:
Stone Matrix is improving the stone sectors quality and making assistance to the producer and the consumer to come across with the right companies and consumers.

I think Stone Matrix is a viral media for stones all around the world. All our new opened quarries were recognized and introduced by Stone Matrix to our Clientele. Thank you Stone Matrix.