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Mr. Frank Faiola,

Precision granite works Inc.,
Rhode Island.

The Company:
Precision Granite Works, Inc. is a family run business owned by Frank Faiola which is a tile and countertop installation company based in Johnston, Rhode Island. There primary services include installation of tile and granite slabs for all kinds of residential and commercial requirements.

Precision Granite has successfully executed many projects of different types and size. The main objectives of Precision Granites are to build Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom vanities, Fireplaces, custom furniture and also custom made Logos.

Precision Granite Works meets with architects, new home designers and clients who are renovating their old Kitchens or bathrooms to develop built-in solutions that match the decor and last a lifetime. Precision Granite Works uses the latest high-tech, computerized laser guided saw for a very accurate cut.

The Personality
Mr. Frank Faiola has been in the granite business for seven years. His love for the stone industry has brought him to open Precision Granite Works three years ago.

The Crust:
Hello Frank, Hope that you and your company is doing just great, Can you put some light on your company aspects and features? Tell us something about your company?
Mr. Frank Faiola:
Precision granite has recently started fabricating and installing custom granite sinks. We have highly experienced and proficient craftsmen that are well versed in all areas of stone installation and fabrication.

The Crust:
That must have been an incredible facility you are providing to the Customers, tell us something special about your factories?
Mr. Frank Faiola:
Well, our factory is open to the public on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. No appointment is necessary, and Frank will be there to help you every step of the way.

The Crust:
Frank, tell our readers special about your work and company that you are happy with and feels really proud of?
Mr. Frank Faiola:
We are proud at precision granite of our personal service no matter what the size of the project; we work with our customers from start to finish.

The Crust:
You are in the stone industry from a very long run, Comment on the conditions of the stone industry, how do you compare it from the past to what it is now?
Mr. Frank Faiola:
As comparison from past five years today’s stone industry is Advancement in tools and products. At past consumers really need to do their grounding before choosing a company to fabricate and install their product.

The Crust:
You had interacted with Stone Matrix; Share your views and experiences and also the relationship with Stone Matrix?
Mr. Frank Faiola:
Stone Matrix has been of great value to my company. With our busy lives, myself and my wife, we basically left everything up to stone matrix and were couldn't be more pleased with our website.

The Crust:
Frank, you’ve been very generous with your time. Thanks a lot. Please give some words of advice for the ‘would- be’ businessman.
Mr. Frank Faiola:
As an advice for the ‘would-be’ business man I would like to conclude that a businessman should develop a good business plan and remember each work of yours is your name.