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Mr. Vahe "Vinny" Akpulat

Vice President/ General Partner,
Modul Marble & Granite,
Sun Valley, California, USA.

The Company:
The main company is Modulmer located in Isparta, Turkey, established in 1980. We are the North America Distributor and Warehouse of Modulmer since 1990.

Our company has grown tremendously over the years.

However, in an exertion to meet the demands of the market, we soon expanded our business practices by creating very close relations with worldwide manufacturers.

Today, Modulmer’s monthly capacity is 80 containers of natural stone production of which 70% is shipped to the U.S. market.

Modul Marble Front View
Modul Showroom
Modul Warehouse

The Crust:
Hello Mr. Vahe, it’s quite apparent that your company’s working tactics had been very pioneering, would you like to emphasize that? What did you practice that made you a pacesetter? Tell us something about your company.

Mr. Vahe:
What makes me proud about my company is the way I expand it, the way I raised the bar and with my price strategies and exquisite service to my clients, I established concrete long term relationship.

Since our inception in 1990, our mission at MODUL MARBLE & GRANITE has been to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

The Crust:
Well Mr. Vahe you are in the stone industry from a very long run, Comment on the conditions of the stone industry, how do you compare it from the past to what it is now?

Mr. Vahe:
The stone industry from past to present expanded, new quarries new sources are discovered everywhere. However, due to competitive market usually the price policies are not correct. Unfortunately, to get a share from the market many companies sell under price.

The Crust:
So that gets us pretty much up to speed. Can we talk specifically about the products your company is offering?

Mr. Vahe:
Our factory owns Rosalia, Almond Beige and Travertine quarries in addition to producing most Turkish marble. We have already been successful in Travertine sales due to excellent production quality and vast color selection. Within a short period of time, we have become the top exporters of Travertine.

The Crust:
What is ‘special’ that your company does and you want to cheer on again and again?

Mr. Vahe:
Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We owe our triumph to the support of customers who seek top quality products.

The Crust:
You had interacted with Stone Matrix; Share your views and experiences and also the relationship with Stone Matrix?

Mr. Vahe:
Working with Stone Matrix is an enormous experience. It helps my company to expand the business as there are more and more people who know us better.

The Crust:
Well, it was a pleasure talking to you, now to end up our conversation can you please give some words of advice for the ‘would- be’ businessman.

Mr. Vahe:
My advice to future businessman, in this competitive world, “clients are like God”. We must worship them.