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Granite countertops from China are getting more and more popular in the US market, while competition among local suppliers is increasingly intensified.
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How to get around the pricing competition and maintain or increase a market share is now a challenge facing every manufacturer in China. GHY Granite Co., Ltd. (www.black-granite-monuments.com), a leading supplier of granite countertops, discloses its effective way to improve satisfaction of their clients.


High quality and reliable service are far more important, according to the company’s management. To secure the quality systematically, GHY Granite has introduced the ISO9001 quality system in their daily operation. The quality system has resulted in a continuous improvement quality of their production and delivery.

To differentiate themselves from their competitors, they focus their granite countertops on a selection of granite colors mined from Northern China. These exotic granite colors are less popular in the US market than those from Southern China. Thus enable their clients to earn a higher margin in their business.

Having a precise fabrication is a key factor to improving product quality, mentioned Mr. Xu, president of www.black-granite-monuments.com. Most of the granite slabs available in China have an excessive variance in thickness due to the restriction of equipments. Therefore all slabs must be calibrated before being used to make countertops. By doing so, the vertical tolerance reduces from +/-1mm to under+/-0.3mm. They also employ computerized water jet to handle the cutout and tap holes, while other producers are still using handy sawn and drill.

To secure consistent color and texture in every set of countertop, the body and the backsplash are always cut from a single slab.

Many importers from U.S.A have experienced the difficulty of sourcing super sized kitchen island for some projects. Mr. Xu tells me proudly that they are one of the few suppliers in Northern China who can handle pieces of 150cm x 250cm or up.

Thanks to the advantages mentioned above, the GHY Granite Co., Ltd. has exported more than 80 containers of granite countertops in the past 10 months, about 40% increase compared to the same period of last year. Their success is based on their fully understanding of the business. For more information about the company, please visit their website: www.black-granite-monuments.com.