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October, 06

Construction material trade is presenting annual turnover of US$ 3.6 billion.

In the year 2009, Annual trade should reach US$ 5 billion, and the public works sector grows 11.6% a year. Aiming this market, 30 Brazilian companies and organizations are participating in the Big 5, the construction sector fair taking place in Dubai. There will even be an elite marketing campaign with slogan 'Brazil: the new alternative'.

In the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) the civil construction sector is growing 11.6% a year, with construction material trade presenting an annual turnover of US$ 3.6 billion, a value that may rise to US$ 5 billion in 2009. These are some of the figures supplied on Tuesday 9, October during a meeting at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce office.

According to market guesstimate there are 125 projects approved by public and private enterprises that should be built by 2010. "Knowing about this growth is important for companies that are going to participate in the fair," stated the Apex international event analyst and manager of the Big 5 project, Ricardo Santana.

Currently China is the main supplier of construction material to these countries, with a 36% of share of the market, according to Santana. Same moment, businesspersons and consumers will know little about the Brazilian industry. Therefore, in the countries of the Gulf, Brazil is not measured as one of the large players in the sector.

Thus to change this image, the Apex is going to sponsor, in the sidelines of the fair, an advertising campaign to attract attention to Brazilian products. The campaign's slogan will be "Brazil: the new alternative". "The intention is to tell them: 'look, I'm here and my products are attractive'," said Santana. "We must show our attributes," added the coordinator of the international events unit at Apex, Juarez Leal.

"The campaign will be exclusive for the region, as each market has its own characteristics," stated Leal.

Altogether, 30 companies and organizations from Brazil are participating in the Big 5, with promotion by the Apex and the Arab Brazilian Chamber.

Braminas is from one of the participants of Big 5, a marble and granite industry based in the city of Braganca Paulista. "I have never seen anything like it in terms of civil construction," stated the company's commercial director, Aricesar Assuncao Ribeiro.