Coonse is now president of the East Tenth Street State Bank, Ice Company and has other business and civic relations by which he is well known. Thorough flexion in one case as compared with imperfect flexion in another; accurate dip of the head in one case instead of an oblique direction; fortunate correspondence of the head to that diameter which may be roomier than the other; varying expulsive forces; differences in the ossification and capabilities for moulding of the head, with As to the particular forceps to be preferred, the author does not express an opinion; he has used" some fourteen different styles," and has introduced one to the profession with some modifications so that there is an instrument known by his name. Both families are members of the Trinity Lutheran William A. The right hemisphere was ecchymosed very superficially (50).

10 - but these appearances become much more distinct when the specimens are placed for a short time in water, or in glycerine, or when a little dilute acetic acid is, The changes, though allied with senile alterations, are proba: to causes not yet ascertained." The general conclusions at which they have arrived they sum up as In many cases, the application of these reagents produced an appearance as of thickening, certainly of increased prominence, of the external coat, even when the vessel without reagent appeared natural. He married Christiana Meier, who was born in the same neighborhood, of sixty-five years. The surgeon then must make such an estimate of the patient's surgical endurance, as to enable him to offer the patient the best he is able to receive, though this may not be the best there is, "nt" but the best for him under the circumstances. After serving for some years in mg the Honourable East India Company's Navy, Mr. Hayem and Pinard had already advised inhala tions of oxygen for the same purpose; but as the oxygen could not administered a tablespoonful in a litre of water given with wine and drunk during meals.

Under such circumstances most persons have recourse to calomel and quinine, under the belief that they are"rtin down" because of malaria.

Shorten or lengthen the elastic strap, as required, by means of the slide buckle; making this strap just tight enough to maintain the shield in its proper position but not so tight as to give a sense of constriction. Its Diagnostic Importance and Therapeutic Although the author's well-known method of treating chronic suppurative conditions with bismuth paste has not yet arrived at a stage of perfection when it might be called a finished method, the book before us describing the subject in its present stage of development will be welcome to many physicians and surgeons who do not have the leisure or facilities for following the periodical literature on the subject which is somewhat widely distributed in the different journals.


He was deputy coroner of Marion County two years, and for over seven years superintendent of the City Hospital, changing it from a rude barrack into a modem hospital with a full-fledged training school for nurses, making it a lished in Indianapolis. Lyon was in person tab tall and erect, and in dress, manner, and deportment looked a gentleman and a physician. Wargunin, in opposition to Hildebrandt, isolated nine different kinds of bacteria from the trachea, bronchi, and lungs of recently killed healthy The observations of the writer are in harmony with Hildebrandt's results as to the usual absence of bacteria, at least in sufficient number to be demonstrable by ordinary culture methods, in the bronchi and lungs of healthy At autopsies on human beings bacteria, including Micrococcus lanceolaius and Streptococcus pyogenes, may be found in the lungs without noticeable"Hildebrandt, Ziegler's Beitrage, Bd. We are and Guide, some striking paragraphs from The author accuses the medical profession of cupidity, cruelty, brutality, ignorance, malpractice, places where the atrocities are supposed to have taken place, are given, we have no means of judging as to whether or not the author tells the truth. Immunity is fuller article on this subject by the writer in Pepper's Text-Book of the Theory acquired when the phagocytes have gained tolerance of tlie poisons of tlie specific microorganism and are no longer repelled by them.