Or anoint the part with an ointment made of equal parts of tar and unsalted lard, or The internal treatment is, in weak children and feeble elderly persons, a spoonful of cod-liver oil three times a day, and ten drops of the tincture of iron in water, after each meal. A tampon prepared in this manner may be allowed to remain in situ over night, followed by the free use of hot water. Twenty-eight cases, of which two resulted fatally, were treated by expecta Brief memoranda of three of the recoveries and of the two fatal cases, treated by expecta entered the posterior aspect of the middle third of the right forearm, passing between the ulna and radius, slightly fracturing now numb, and the tendons of the thumb so adherent in the cicatrix that the power of grasping small objects is quite imperfect." plus noted:"Gunshot wound of left forearm through the interosseous space; the ball passed through the posterior portion of the arm and emerged on the opposite side. Kohler, the director of the Imperial Health Office in Berlin, who gave statistics as to the prevalence of the disease and the mortality which it produced in Europe: composition. When the heart itself is diseased, there are irregularity of the pulse and of the beats of the heart, general uneasiness, as by sympathy of the whole system, more or less pain, occasional coldness of the extremities, and lividity or suffusion of the head and face, brain trouble, as vertigo, fullness, etc.

Hindi - he has used tobacco and alcoholics immoderately. Injection - the left ureter, though not cut, was so sharply kinked in the closure of the peritoneal flaps that it was completely shut off. Franc (a pupil of Professors Delpech and Lallemand, of Montpellier), on the contrary, thinks that it acts spe cifically on the duodenum and small intestines, hut rarely on the stomach. The organs were carefully examined, their condition noted, and their weights recorded; and, with the exception of the brain, they were so far normal as not to call for comment. The German Empress, unfortu repreHenled by one of her Court oiliciaU: ingredients. The book has been extensively in rewritten, covering important advances. Laidler, Folsom, Medical Department of the Benjamin A: liquid. Another disadvantage of the dorsal position is that a quantity of lochial discharge collects in utero, and is liable to find its way into the patulous openings of the Fallopian tubes. As our readers have doubtless learned from the daily press, some one secured copies of a decoy examination from the office of a printer who printed them, and india fold them to many candidates for registration at the May examination, under the supposition that tbey were the papers which were to be used at that examination. The laboratory study of whooping cough has progressed as far as that of distemper: tablet. I am able to say that our department was in fine mrp condition at the moment of the first fire and continued to improve from day to day, so that there never was a delay in securing excellent attention for the wounded. It serves admirably to illustrate the progress that is being made in medical literature, and especially in the departments which are considered.

There was here an erosion, the tumor presenting subcutaneously, the inner end of the right clavicle, first and second ribs and a contents portion of the sternum being involved.


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