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To sell on Stone Matrix, you need to register with Stone Matrix. Stone Matrix has 3 membership plans for you - each one with different marketing tools to promote your business and attract buyers. Click here to compare these 3 plans

You can register by clicking on the Join FREE! at the top of the home page.

Find buyers on Stone Matrix by browsing or searching.
If you know what you are looking for, you can do a simple search by typing the product or company name in the search boxes.
Browse buyer's information by category. You can narrow your search by "Filter Search" option on the search results page.

Did you find the right buyer?

If yes, click the "Send Mail" button to send a message to them, and attach your profile and product range along with the message. You can also use B2B Email Templates to send Price quotes for your products to buyers. It is always preferable to send inquiries to those companies whose contact details have been verified (indicated by "Verified" Symbol).


You can create/edit your profile and products information, which the buyers will see before sending you inquiries. So you should always keep your information accurate and up-to-date to increase your chances of winning orders from buyers.

Note: Different membership plans have different levels and sophistication of profile pages. Click here to compare.

contact us to find out how your company can move up in search results and thus get more hits from buyers.


Hot Deals are special promotions and offers where suppliers display products on sale starting at a minimum reserved price. These offers are then promoted by Stone Matrix to the entire industry and interested buyers bid for these produts over the minimum reserved price.

It is a great way for suppliers to specially close out excess stock in the inventory.


Product Bids are B2B auctions where buyers offer products to buy and suppliers can bid on these offers. Stone Matrix sends out trade alerts to all relevant suppliers whenever new Product Bids are posted by buyers.


Enjoy various marketing tools to promote your business online at Stone Matrix. Most of the promotional activities are exclusively for GOLD members, and are charged extra depending upon which service you choose. You can read about the various packages and plans by clicking on "Advertise with Stone Matrix" link from "Pick Your Task" menu.


You receive all your inquiries, quotes, bids and other messages from buyers in your Stone Matrix's message centre. You can also set an alternate email address and Stone Matrix will send a copy of all messages that you receive to that address.

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