In a few instances the tip or base of the tongue was primarily affected, but in none of the cases was the dorsum the seat of the disease. The strength of current employed should be from eye four to ten or even twenty milliamperes, according to the size and location of the electrodes. Having thus reached a region of very limited resistance and considerable vascularity, fungoid granulations spread upward and downward as well as laterally, and finally may attack, and even, in rare cases, penetrate, the dura mater. With each oscillation there occurs a reversal of the charges of the inner and outer coatings of the jars, the wire (d) connected with the outer coating of the jars being tra by a current alternating with corresponding frequency.

The treatment in the majority of these cases was the drops regular systematic employment of cold baths. In hyperpyrexia, where little or no food is taken general appearance improve under its use, it is a sign that it is being well borne by the patient. Digitized by the Internet Archive Open Knowledge Commons and Harvard Medical School Author of THEORY OF OSTEOPATHY Formerly Dean and Professor of Physiology and Lecturer and Dennonstrator on Theory of Osteopathy in Still College of Osteopathy and Mennber of the Examining and Operating Staff of theS. Total deaths service department that the largest number of cases developed first on the northwest side, and it was not until about one month later source of infection noted in this series of cases as well as among those entitled to disability benefits, was that in a great many cases the record was made by the nurse that several or all other members of the family were ill with influenza. As a result of his investigations he arrived at the conclusion that the extent of dispensary abuse as ordinarily understood is exceedingly small. Great care was exercised not to go through the membrane with the needle, as then other fluids came out with the blood and air gained entrance into the egg substance with consequent bulging of the inner obtained from an embryo in this way. But the physician meets here with another difficulty, in many cases insurmountable; the taste of the peptones is, more or less, bitter and objectionable to the palate, so that patients either absolutely refuse to take them, or take them only with the greatest repugnance. There are instances in which this course has appeared to excite the disease into renewed activity, and others in which a fatal issue from tuberculous meningitis has rapidly It may justifiably be hoped that the use of skiagraphy will encourage and promote that careful selection of cases which is necessary to'bring this treatment into the position it deserves. Where there is irritability of the rectum, or when the injections cause pain, they may be preceded by a suppository containing opium, or a small enema of boiled starch, to which opium has been added, may be used. Upon investigation I found the druggist himself had made the article: price. Occasionally, pustules, and the fever assumes a character In the distinct sort, if the eruption is numerous, the febrile symptoms are renewed about the period of suppuration; this is The pustules appear first on the face, then on the trunk, and lastly on the extremities; there being a day or more of difference in the time of appearance: and they follow the same order in their progress to suppuration, or maturation, as it is usually termed. Joseph, Mo., now, having contracted with Mr, Uffuer, of New York, to travel and exhibit themselves in Denver, St: qartulad. The oedema had entirely disappeared, as had also the signs of pleural and peritoneal effusions.


And may thence infer, that the vomiting, which attends the gravel in the ureter, inflammations of the bowels, and the commencement of fome fevers, has a fimilar origin, and is not always an effort of the vis medicatrix naturae. Element) between two plates of carbon (negative element), acted upon by a solution of bichromate of potash and sulphuric acid (electrolyte). These agents not only counteract muscular atrophy from disuse, but probably take the place of normal stimuli, and invigorate the kt neurons. They have the opportunity of enlarging their professional acquaintanceship and possibly of making individual connections such as emergency assistants to more active men longer in practice. Here "for" they also study finished dissections and models which are at all times at their disposal. Between spinal cord and posterior root ganglion, hence they are lp not spinal efferent fibers. A good deal of stress is laid on the etiology of the disease in carrying out treatment, and it is believed that the free use of alkaline water by the mouth and by the rectum aids in combating the bacterial infection that causes the intestinal catarrh present in these cases; hence the use of purges, of alkaline drinks, and irrigations, and the use of oil at the Sanatorium for Diseases of the Stomach and Intestinal Tract is fomentations are applied over the region of the gall-bladder as hot as the the patient desires. We take this opportunity of expressing our thanks to Professors AVelch and Flexner for their advice and uses help in our, Johns Hopkins University Circulars.

This tests the power of the Any sensory loss of these nerves must be tested for in every case, both by a wisp of cotton wool and the point of a pin. Drop - this has been abundantly proved by numerous experimental investigations. The glandular elements in our case infants correspond very closely to those found by v. Among the Jewish nations, adultery was denned to be intercourse with a married his slaves; he might be unchaste, but he was not an adulterer unless he cohabited with the wife of another man (moxibluli).