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Since, according to present evidence, it is the infection of the gall-bladder that is fundamental in the production of gall-stones, would it not be well for those of us who may meet cases of acute pancreatitis, to note not merely the presence or absence of gall-stones, but also the presence or absence of non-calculous cholecystitis? learn the number of these patients who have been treated for stomach trouble, indigestion and various things like that, and have, perhaps, been rather indifferently treated. I think you should stay away from all the drugs you can unless you have a definite reason for giving them and know that they are going to produce a definite result.

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Perforations resulting after this procedure heal kindly and are not usually attended by crust formation, therefore give no annoyance to patients; in fact, patients are never conscious of their existence unless informed of it: vaccine.