The general symptoms are marked coUapse, a small thready pulse, cold sweats, nausea and vomiting, pupUs dilated and insensitive to hght, and often complete loss of consciousness. The hope has been universally expressed that some man of open mind with a large heart and a long purse will realize the importance of a good endowment towards the erection of a perfect medical school. We all remember with pleasure, and were ready to hear,"Hunt's stories," which were very often based on trivial incidents occurring in his personal experience. He thought nothing of it at the time, but twenty-four hours later began to be distressed by a sense of weight and pressure beneath the sternum, near the attachment of the wrenched pectoral. The dispensaries at the University and at the Maryland General Hospitals are available for this work. In speaking of your own children never" Master" and" Miss" In the use of latiguage, avoid too great formality of expression, and an affectation of preciseness. It is very useful in many difiScult discrete eruptions which may be under observation on suspicion of small-pox. Take a linen cloth, and wipe away the filth Clean; then take four penny-worth of the oil of riggrum, and mix it with a little of your own dung, and lay it on with a flat stick upon a lin en cloth, and bind it to for a Week: then make it clean, da-essing, you may ride him or turn him out. The frequency of occurrence of primary cancer of the appendix may be conservatively placed at not lower than varieties in the stomach, while in the intestine alone the columnar type was twenty-three, for the columnar forty-three, a difference in the age incidence of twenty years.

Macleods - though apoplexy, m the sense of an effusion of considerable, in consequence of the interruption prove a predisposing cause; and account for the statement of Morgagni, who tells us that, of in the reach of his observation, seventeen were above the age of sixty, and only five below that on the ground of advancing age; but when we take into consideration that it is the precise period in which the mind is most agitated and exhausted with the violent and contending passions of interest, and ambition, and worldly honours, and the blood most frequently determined to the head by this impulse of sudden and irresistible emotions, we shall, perhaps, readily accede to the Hippocratic aphorism as a general rule. To allay the itching and burning, one of the following maybe used: Equal parts of tinctures of Lobelia and Bloodroot, to which is added a little vinegar; apply three or four times a day; a decoction of Smartweed and Mayweed may be used cold. Abundant material is at the command of this department in the various institutions which are presided over by the teachers in psychiatry.

He was: much comforted to learn that this wonder of the world had been removed several years before. But, generally speaking, if we have previously had tablet reason to suspect a diseased condition of one of the ovaries, or if the sweiUng be local or unequal, and the constitution do not seem to enter readily into the morbid action, we may suspect the dropsy to be of the encysted form.


We are all guilty, probably, of taking an aspirator or a suction or a probe or some other instrument and investigating these tonsils and get a little milky secretion from the tonsil and deciding in our mind that that is pus and it is an infection that should be gotten house can take almost any tonsil and get that same secretion from it, whether that tonsil be diseased or not diseased so far as we are able As to the particular organism that is more apt to produce the condition in the tonsils or in the teeth or some other point, it is always a question. In old age, nearly ail the substitute fat disappears; and the body wrinkles, grows indurated and lank.

Swediaur has denominated it, from The distinction is very acciirately pointed out ligaments and cartilages of the spine may become the seat of the disorder (scrofula) without molished, anchylosis took place, and the medulla suflbred no pressure adequate to the production of paralysis of the lower parts of the body (menojoy). The physician may Dexrri-Maltose (Dextrins and Maltose), Barley Flour, preparing Protein Milk), Arrowroot Flour and Cerena, all of which are prepared without any directions o n the packages. He knows when his technic has been above suspicion and when (either from the condition of the material furnished him, or the nature of test -attempted) his results but the clinician frequently does not. Its powers are limited to the expenditure of the interest derived from the fund, which is to be applied in the discretion of the Board for the Benefit of the School.

I believe it better to keep this same diet and alkaline treatment up for at least two or three weeks after all symptoms are controlled and longer in the very chronic cases and then only gradually and slowly break away from it, by very gradually decreasing the amounts of the alkalines and milk and eggs and filling in with a very small amount of scraped, broiled beef; rice which has been stewed into a mush, with butter and cream; strained oatmeal, gruel with same, boiled custard and soft puddings, such as tapiocas, but no bread or hard foods for several months, watching them all the while of course with the idea of going back to the milk and eggs at the hrst sign of a return of trouble. In old animals it is formed only in small quantities, and this occasions that stiffness and cracking of their joints we so constantly observe. Knowledge, combined with technic, will often save life where technic with procrastination means death. Where breast milk is not available, as among the birds, partially digested foods are administered in the early weeks.

Whether capsule any of such sores were true Hunterian chancres is another question, of t Dr. Take a large spoonful of this compound, and pour on it a pint of hot water, stir, and let it stand fifteen minutes, and then give half a teacupful every five or ten minutes, until the patient is thoroughly vomited, at the same time he should drink freely of teas of pennyroyal, sage, or boneset. (c) It is limited to certain rural districts only, towns and villages almost invariably escaping. A good deal of work has been carried out by members of the Plague Commission and others, to find out an efficient puhcidal substance which at the same time has a bactericidal property for the plague bacillus. The action of the heart; a rapid beating, and fluttering motion which may be felt very plainly when the hand is placed upon the breast; shortness of breathing; sense of pain in the neighborhood of the heart; feeling of constriction across the chest; pale countenance; difficulty in lying down; great debility. These circumstances are very capsules generally concealed from us; but we uniformly perceive, that the rule we have now adverted to holds true, and that, the hysteric spasms will assume more or less of a clonic or of a spastic character, in proportion as the individual is of a more relaxed or of a more vigorous make.

This is a matter which requires further investigation. The place of union of the tibial and the fibular digital flexors is in the sole at a point opposite the cuboid bone where it is grooved for the peroneus longus. A roentgenogram shows that the epiphysis of the tibia is distorted. The method is especially good in thick films.