Effects - its medicinal action is somewhat similar to that of" Tabloid"" Soda-Mint," as it contains the same proportions of sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate and specially fine oil of peppermint as are present in that preparation. The "composition" need for simplicity is absolute, because the incinerator is practically left in charge of the lowest caste and most ignorant of natives. In the milder forms of the disease, the suppuration starts from the cells of the rete Malpighii only; in the severer forms, on the other hand, it attacks the tissue of the cutis, destroys it, and leaves a loss of substance, which is replaced by cicatricial tissue.

An intracellular structure or vacuole. A dim and confused view of the external world is all that can be had when the deranged Doshas spread over and affect the whole of the Drishti (crystalline lens). A convulsive affection of the muscles of the face and lips on one side, which involuntarily forces the muscles of those parts into a species of grinning distortion. Side - yellow fever is carried from the sick to the healthy by the bites of mosquitoes, and by the bites of mosquitoes only, and not by fomites as was formerly supposed. In which a rubber band is slipped over the ends of the pin. For the disposal of the excreta from village latrines, as mentioned previously, THE JOURNAL OF cap TROPICAL MEDICINE. A plant of tho gvoon Vulrriftaa, iialive tit tlie Alpa. We often prescribe tiny doses of creosote and carbolic acid with good results.

Twenty years ago (aye, and in many instances to-day) medical schools published amongst their successes the position their alumni took in the entrance competition for the Army; and the position substitute of the school was largely estimated by the public accordingly. And U an active irrinciple of oiaanL Nurd, llclllc. (a, ce, f.) A genus of plants are principally used in fomentations, cataplasms, MALVA'C EiE.

Price - neither of these methods of cooling can be said to have been very successful, and a simple and inexpensive system has still to be discovered. Different tab hosts it is found that the trypanosome of view that kala-azar was a trypanosome disease. Relating to or based upon a theory; probable explanation of the manner in which something has been produced or will be produced; a doctrine of which absolute proof is lacking. Insolation, siriasis; a form of heatstroke restilting from undue exposure to the sun's rays, probably caused by the action of the actinic rays combined with the high temperature. It is interesting however that some acute observer should say that it is such an indication, although it is difficult to The next sign which frequently appears is a reduplication of the heart, this can be similarly explained by the increased tension in the smaller or pulmonary circulation and diminished tension in the larger or systemic circulation. Neither frankly amorphous nor franldy crystalline, noting the submuco'sa. Patients, admitted in the afternoon with a temperature if the bed is touched, next morning have a normal temperature and move their joints freely, the pain, tenderness, and swelling having all disappeared.

It is of the same color as the pigmentuni nigrum; and, according to Vauquelin and Berzelius, is a similar substance. Protection from cold and stimulating embrocations are to be employed.


The dieeks are now more brownish red or bluish, the eyelids are halfdosed, there is dried mucus at their comers, the conjunctiva is injected, the nostrils smoky-looking. With a hyper-sensitive and nervous patient, and a fat or swollen shoulder, it is occasionally impossible to affirm without the aid of an anajsthetic that there is no displacement. A stain of pigment remains to mark the spot where the bulla was situated.