Bordet's bacillus of whooping-cough, and considers that the bacillus of Pfeiffer and the bacillus of Krause Joachman are not the true 500 causal organisms of this disease.


Codeine is better than morphine: number. The fact, however, is dear that hours were lost (uses). There is some ol LamineCtomj tablets COrd found completely crushed. Clinically it becomes imperative to distinguish normal and functional GER from The tests presently used to detect GER are roentgenograms of the upper gastrointestinal tract which show barium reflux, scintigraphy of the which indicates meal reflux, and prolonged lower esophageal region which depicts acid There seems to be controversy regarding the usefulness of these tests for the diagnosis of pathogenic GER. THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. This little girl has had lymphangioma since birth. Infection may lead to spontaneous drainage resulting in an external Type II lesions are more common and may present earlier in childhood.

A case of foetid empyema is then reported in which the patient died of cardiac failure six days after the operation. At the site of the nodules there is necrosis, and pits are left, very similar to tlie pitting after chicken-pox. (c)"Patients who are invalided on the ground of systolic murmurs alone are subsequently found when tested to be fit for active service in nearly all instances: serial. Morphia alone will avail in attempting tablet to tide over the pregnancy.

While this systematizing of vibration as a cureall, suggested by the success of Osteopaths more than by any other thing, is being attempted, the instrument is taking the place of the It is an established fact that the vibrator, if properly constructed and applied, is a valuable factor in therapy, and there are many good instruments on the market, the best of them, probably, being operated by an electric motor: macproxy. In the first place, it is often not septic in nature, but due to other causes of irritation. Dp - interest that one is inchned to enter into the subject somewhat fully. The above prize is to be offered for an improvement upon this, or a new and better method. One lesion however, the earliest to appear, situated over the inner end of the third right rib, has a raised pearly-white margin on its outer side, sharply rounding an area of atrophy, and on tliis border dilated vessels can be seen: in fact it has all the appearances which we are accustomed to associate with the superficial type of rodent ulcer. The exaggerated susceptibility to inflammation of the mucous membrane is done away with. Pork is simply poison, and veal should be eschewed. The results of the examination were negative. I was severely taken to out; but here is a practical demonstration that it went into the peritoneal"cavity.