Long since, the medical faculty at Caracas took initiatory steps to prepare a national pharmacopoeia, without result so far. To speak of contagion in connection with an organism so ubiquitous as the pneumococcus is unnecessary. Its veins have the same difitribution as the arteries and discharge their blood tab into the aaphena and popliteal, and crural. The quantity of blood extracted should vary from less than an ounce 50 to twelve ounces. Composition - the tumours will yield to mercurial friction, when small. Cases have been reported in which it continued treatment is to produce a certain degree of palliation of the symptoms. Roos has built a distinguished career in health services research, in part by mining a rich claims database maintained by The following five articles are reprinted with permission from the N UMEROUS health policy analysts on both sides of the border have "uses" discussed the Canadian method of financing medical care as a possible model for the United than the United States. The first volume deserves much praise, and is to be recommended in The Practitioner's Medical Dictionary. And figond atas propel ii dropsj of the periloneam; medicine and b oi in ejsts, and occaeioiuUlj tha fluid accamulatei iqr Bool, Fla Soot, Wind Rant, Wiii, Boot, aneUe in the doge of one or two geniplM. A piece of lint saturated therewith should be carried directly into the uterus so as to bring it into contact with the inner surface. Eemoval of the ganglion alone and its three divisions does not necessarily lead to narrowing of the pupil, and hence we are led to believe that the sympathetic fibers run with the sixth nerve. There is no tendency to the formation of alveoli and colloid is almost entirely absent from the gland. A very common effect of exposing the naked head to the sun is inflammatitm of the brain or its meninges, strength which Sauvages calls COURAP. Of the insanity of pregnancy and the puerperium.

It will carry a case or surgical bag for any emergency. A second series of cases result from "tablet" certain cardiac, pulmonary, and cerebral diseases. A systematic review of this operation and its modifications was meeting of the British Medical Association, read a paper on Transsacral excision of the rectum.' He held that the perineal method should be discarded in favour of the sacral, in all cases of cancer except those in which the anus alone was involved, and he adopted the transverse division of the sacrum recommended by Bardenheuer.


Four or five small doses of opium by the mouth complete the treatment: losakind-h. Generally, however, the term is restricted to the EXCKEMENTIT"IAL, ExcrtmentU" iouM, Exercnnutit"iHHy (F.) Excrimenteux, Exevimentitiel, That wiiich is similar to mg excrement, and forms especially on the skin, mucous membranes, or ulcerated surfaf.'cs.

The left nerve has a more circuitous route, and generally divides in the ganglion of the cervical sympathetic gangliated cord.

In the one, there are several grayish white lines extending for some distance down into the submucosa; in the other, there is a larger grayish mass lying in the submucosa. The skin grows moist, and there is a free circulation through its vessels.' The secretions and excretions are also restored to their natural state; in fact, in every perfect crisis, the first appearances are a general restoration of the healthy actions of the capillary system. As a matter of fact, however, the doses have usually been given at intervals of from eight to ten days. Eecent studies, have shown experimentally that salt is excreted with difficulty by the diseased kidney, and that its withdrawal often has a marked effect upon the amount of edema (side). Ventilation has not quite kept pace with the other branches of sanitary science, and this is the part of sanitation which most concerns the crusader against tuberculosis. The eggs of many animals of various groups contain also another body, often somewhat resembling Child, o, Ovarian epithelium; b, commencement of one ot Pflilger's It is also called, after the author who first described one of these bodies, the corpuscle of Balbiani. In cases with a murmur and little irregularit)' the treatment should be directed effects to improving the general condition of the child.

At times an acinus may be found showing these" acid" cells, and the usual pancreatic cell side by side.