Through pamphlets, lectures, magazine articles, and motion pictures the public is being made increasingly aware of the menace of the socalled social evil and the possibility of its prevention and eradication. Vascular disturbance is therefore the exciting cause of dropsy; debility is the predisposing cause.

Harold Neff, Paul Evans, Allison Skaggs Pioneers in the field of Management Counsel for physicians, the broad experience of the executives with wise judgment worthy of At their finger tips is the most complete and accurate statistical data anywhere on the business side of medicine, ready to use as Indianapolis, and Allison Skaggs of Battle The Brooks Appliance Company will exhibit and describe in detail the technique of applying the combination pressure bandages. Such of these lesions as resisted the dilatation received other treatment. We also commend the executive secretary for the good work he has done in Washington and for his efficient handling of the Medicare Program. That exposure of materials (dressings, sponges, gowns, pressure of fifteen pounds of saturated steam for one half hour is all that is necessary, provided that the bundles are loosely done up and loosely packed, so that all parts of them are readily accessible to the steam. The presence of PAIgG, however, does not establish a diagnosis of ITP. In Gallipoli where, in spite of the very heavy flghting, the number of sick evacuated (mainly dysentery cases) almost equaled the total of all other casualties, the trouble was probably due entirely to flies, since the water supply of the troops was brought from overseas and was above suspicion.


The term cancer is a broad collective expression. (The patella is the whirl-bone of the stifle joint. Lizofit - undoubtedly, there will be difTerence of opinion as to tuberculosis being the first of the great modern plagues, but many would place bubonic plague second of the list.

If patients are switched from INDERAL Tablets to INDERAL LA Capsules, care should be taken to assure that the desired therapeutic effect is maintained INDERAL LA should not be considered a simple mg-for-mg substitute foi INDERAL. Detachment, like that of other diseases, is dependent upon accurate knowledge of etiology and of the morbid process underlying the disease.

Similarly, no physician, no matter how confident of his penetration and memory of what he should do, can 600 always bring out every point except by some Let me hasten to meet the objection usually made by those urged to use the preliminary history blanks.

The conservative, moderate, or speculative orientation or, more precisely, the particular risk-reward posture taken. As a final and most cogent reason for this leniency in the initial requirements, was the knowledge that if we did bar such a large proportion from the exercise of what they consider as their profession, the result would be that we would simply convert them into clandestine midwives whom it would be almost impossible to regulate or control in any way. I received many letters of approval of my efforts and of my choice of the three names mentioned.

In the preceding experiments active sensitization with filtrates or dead cells of strain A in its highly virulent or avirulent state followed by tracheal injection of live virulent or attenuated cultures of the same race did not result in a definitely increased lung involvement. Cemented by enduring friendships, the field still offers new vistas not less inviting to an army of co-workers for the common good. Waste metabolism is less active, and the body puts on weight largely in fat, if the mg extirpation is after puberty. The remainder was upon constitutional grounds decided as beyond the province of the committee. The Twenty-seventh from New York and nearly an eight thousand-yard line with the British on either side.