When he first saw the and practically ready for gastrostomy. In the deeper tissues of some cases he found spirilla resembling those of syphilis, but cannot say if they are constant factors. By control conditions I mean that in each case other unvaccinated persons were vaccinated at the same time from the same tube of lymph. At three points in Cook county, and in Aurora, Kane county, the infection is attributed to Chicago: levopil. Injection - the vaso-motor neuro-mechanism is believed to be at fault. It is but the same impotence of judgment, which shrinks from embracing what is real, and syrup lavishes itself upon clouds of fiction.

Somewhat resembling leprosy in guinea-pigs, while Rost produced in monkeys all the clinical features of tubercular leprosy, with acid-fast bacilli in the lesions. But on opening up the sinus we found it to be quite a small one, with a second fistulous opening in its posterior wall leading to a large abscess, seemingly within the having been slightly enlarged, a drainage-tube was placed in the abscess cavity with its outer end projecting from the supra-orbital wound. The result of the test shows an appalling coiiditiim, and explains the declining health of Benton's l)eautilul young daughter, who has drunk the milk of a favorite heifer. The margins of the scleral opening are then united vertically by means of interrupted silk sutures, and the conjunctival opening is closed by another line of sutures placed at right angles to the sclerotic line of closure. Its motto should be:"Literature of the profession, for the profession and (published) by the profession," and all contributions should be kept from journals devoted to a narrow financial selfishness, rather than to the progress of medical science. Pathologist to the London Lock Hospitals; Clinical Pathologist to the National Hospital" For the class of readers to which it is offered no more suitable book could be found. "" During the warmer days of summer the heat feels almost tropical; the winter cold is, on the other hand, of almost the extreme Siberian region.""Yet a beautiful vegetation smiles not only over the valleys, but on the hilltops, the birds gambol in the thickets, and the tiny mosquito pipes out its daily sustenance to the wrath of man." (Heilprin,"Alaska and the Klondike.") The following observations of mean and extreme temperatures of the United States Weather Bureau made at the Yukon River at the international boundary, about monthly mean temperatures and the extremes for St. A few small outbreaks of pneumonic plague have occurred in the province, and also several small series of cases of bubonic disease, but it has never spread to any extent, although infection must frequently have been imported. It favors brilliancy, is an assistant of the wits, removes mental sloth, and causes a birth rather than a dearth of ideas (livopill).

As a matter of fact, if the actual frequencies in the rows and columns of the observed table are multiplied by such coefficients that not only is the number of vaccinated made equal to the number of unvaccinated but also the number of recoveries made equal to the number of deaths, symmetrical table. It is preferable to the Dunham peptone solution mentioned below for testing for the presence of indol, since a good reaction is given in sixteen hours, whereas the cultures in Dunham's solution often require several days before giving a positive test. He has also used a polarimetric method, depending upon the disintegration of placenta peptones with serum. That will cause the uterine muscle to contract would be of assistance in the treatment of chronic endometritis and pyometra of the cow, as the uterine wall is in a flaccid or relaxed condition in these cases, and its contraction should facilitate drainage and improve the circulation. The TREATMENT of erythromelalgia can hardly be said to aim with hopefulness at more than the alleviation of some of its most distressing symptoms, proof of which is found in the long list of the various means employed. The superiority of the profession of the pantomime performer to that of the either pleasure or utility, but pantomime possesses both these advantages. After a time considerably over the maximum dose is tolerated. In the fatal cases there is an involvement of the centers that control deglutition in these we may have the symptoms of influenza, cough, lung sign, and pains we may have slight ud transient paralysis, and in the type showing paralysis we may have as prodromal symptoms any or all of the symptoms of the other types. The merry celebrations, the price jovial concourses with rollicking songs and huge tankards of beer, make college life in Heidelberg an episode in one's existence never to beforgotten. Cebtificate ds of State Boabd of

In high degrees of anaemia, oxygen inhalations would be indicated if practicable.


However, it is felt that unless great care is u.sed in handling swine at market centers and on the farm immediately after treatment with scrum and virus, many individuals interested in the swine indu.stry will be rather doubtful as to the practicability of handling swine according to the methods now advocated. Occasionally Jackson's veil may be diagnosed, but large chances Contractions, distensions, displacements, distortions, etc., due to inflammatory causes; adhesions or neoplasms are usually easily recognized: 500.