No improvement in the health of the city was noticed during the first few years that the canal system was being extended, but as cholera decreased, and the death-rate from this cause has not since then surpassed, on an average, one-third of its former figures: 40. He made a clear statement of the necessary procedure to produce an antiseptic condition of tab wounds which had taken on suppurative action. Tent life was the most important means of securing the advantages of these factors.


We have, in fact, no other law compelling persons to subject themselves to inoculation with a disease at a time when they are in perfect health, and when as a matter of fact no cases of the disease may exist in their community, or indeed in their country. The abscess was opened and drained, but:id did not operate. The left ovary was of normal size, but was adherent. '" When albuminuria coexists," observes Voisin,"the elimination of toxins is slackened, and their accumulation may become as dangerous as in acute infectious diseases. Willard Parker 20 next offered the following: It is with deep and unfeigned regret that we record the death of our first acting president, Dr. By the ninth day the ligatures had fallen, the abdominal cavity was closed, and there remained only the granulating wound of the anterior abdominal wall, and this soon cicatrized: 10. From that time to the present, we have met it frequently in isolated cases; while we hear again and again of its prevalence in adjoining The disease did not appear here in either of its visits" side by The type of the disease was distinctively febrile with tendency to debility, but comparatively mild, especially in the last epidemic. Bodies in the hospital at Lyons, dead of diseases cent, to have concealed tuberculous foci.

The eyes are tender on those due to the local process, though few may occur. It is the kind of nucleated corpuscles and index and normal cells show improvement at the time; high color index is a bad sign. My past experience assures me that sincere and prayerful submission to the will of God may displace doubt and fear with confidence and courage, and that in His wisdom such help may be granted as will vouchsafe results not believed to be otherwise attainable. The patient died from cancer of the breast.

Before this audience it would be entirely superfluous to enter into the history of intubation, the development of which we owe entirely to the genius of our late member, he had done his work can be recognized by the fact that both the instruments and technique have been but little changed for the better in the past course of laryngeal disease we note that the breathing is becoming difficult, as shown by prolonged inspiration, a pulse slowly but progressively increasing in frequency, with more or less calling into play of the auxiliary muscles of respiration, we are face to face with signs of such importance that we must be ready to offer operative intervention should it be required. Hence molecular complexity varies, and, while its falling below a certain grade causes impairment of function and death, its development is limited only by the original vital intensity and the possibilities which the environment allows. Stumped toes and stone-bruises were the necessary results of barefoot tramping and stick-horse prancing. This condition lasted about three days, when he became quiet and appreciated his condition. The liver, kidneys, and heart appear anemic. There were noted here and there, especially on the extremities, single blue spots. The cicatrix was slightly stained "cv" from the excessive use made of the iodine solution. And will be read with much interest by all who have had any extended experience Surgery, Rush Medical College, Chicago, etc. The bronchial catarrh has extended, and on the subcutaneous tissue is distinctly edematous. All scientific discoveries are the result of a process of evolution, and the credit for them can never really rest on any one man. Knopf and I think he is right, that if he had the choice of sending a patient who had some prospect of recovery to an ideal climate and altitude in an open station where he would be left free to act as he pleased, or to send him to a closed institution where all the conditions of climate were of the lowlands, he would send him to the latter, convinced that his chance of cure in a relatively unfavorable climate, with the regime, hygiene, and constant superior than in an ideal climate upon the various so-called climatic resorts which, in my opinion, still further promote this misconception of climate iN largest and fullest sense. A This case has been reported elsewhere, to be hereinafter referred to, when the questions involved will be more fully discussed. L'nder the impression that possibly the chromicized gut was to blame, the patient was placed under nitrous oxide anaesthesia with the idea of removing the noxious foreign material. General Medicine and Surgery: Millbrook, Dutchess subsequently and until iSSS; Attending Surgeon, NewYork Eye and Ear Infirmary, Ear Department.