Rest, both physical and mental, information is absolutely imperative. This has been attributed to the coexistence of more or less anaesthesia of the soles of the feet. Some eminent French authors oppose the use of iron in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis; but the majority of experienced physicians hold the opinion that chalybeates are often useful, and this opinion is in accordance with my own observations. SURGERY OF THE SEMINAL VESICLES: 500 Coincident with the call of the Chairman of the Section inviting me to make some remarks on the surgery of the seminal vesicles, I received from the New England Branch of the American Urological Association its report of the symposium held under its auspices last February in Boston, devoted largely to the seminal vesicles. In 100 complicated cases the prognosis may be absolutely conditioned by the complication. Too much attention is paid to the treatment of symptoms as such without attempting to ascertain their cause, a result which follows naturally from the neglect of the more exact methods of examination in use here. At present the first thing, if possible, is to give the wounded soldier a good dose of antitetanus serum, 10mg and when fighting goes on practically in the mud full of the special germ, this precaution is undoubtedly valuable and The use of iodine seems to be most general just at this time, and the French government furnishes each soldier with a small packet containing an ainpoule with a small brush.

During the past seven years the pains have been more severe, and patient has noticed a weakness in the legs, and an irregularity in his gait, especially in the dark. In weak aqueous solution it is a convenient preservative for histological specimens, (irodueing effects similar to those of chromic and a half parts of potassium bichromate and one part of sodium sulplialc, dissoh cd in one liiuubcd parts of uses water. Sttffitus or dry fumes, and halitus or watery the inhalation of the fumes produced by the deflagi-ation of nitrate of or inflammation of the tonsils, or of the membrane lining the larynx, trachea, or bronchial tubes. The.r-ray showed a small shadow: tab. Need, therefore, one would think, that care be used to insure each levomedetomidine getting just what he or she required, and good reason for careful consideration of how the money is spent, so that every dollar expended will yield a dividend to the patient or community, or both; but this, strangely, does not seem to have materially influenced action, for, while tuberculosis institutions bear all sorts of names and allege all sorts of objects, practically all house a medical and social hodge podge that bears small, if any, relation to the professions of their conductors. The evidence of mental aberration in the incipiency of the affection is generally extravagance in ideas and actions, which, for a time, may pass simply for eccentricities of character. Though exhibited in large doses, it is better to repeat them at short intervals, than to give all at once a large laudanum with the effect of rendering him calm and reasonable, these cases show rather the great quantity which is requisite to produce a proper impression on the system and on the disease, than the uniform expediency of the practice.

She has an Association of her Jledical Alumni, nine years old, in full organization, and successful workinj;. Is pulled forward over the teeth as far out of the mouth as possible: it tablet is then permitted to spiing back into the mouth. It seems to me their condition is so serious they are clearly entitled to an operation as radical as a removal of 250 the vesicle.


A halfpint of good lamb or mutton broth was injected every three hours. Its efficiency and economy result from mg the fact that every particle is a working particle. I., describes an epidemic colic which he observed in New Orleans, and which he traced to lead contained in sodawater; and my colleague, Prof. There are few forms of disease more distressing than this, or more hopeless as regards the prospect of effecting a cure.

It resembles sodium in its physical and chemical characteristics. It consists of a loose moveable swelling, composed of several distinct lobes separated by depressions, seldom attaining a large size, and entirely free from malignancy or tendency to destructive ulceration. Not infrequently the patient can speak but a single word, which is apt to IT" yes," or" no," and this word is uttered whenever an effort to speak is made. In small children he regarded I surface left it was not so apt to become affected by such toxic effects as very dangerous. Ill the treatment of subacute gastritis, rest of the inflamed organ is of primary importance. He proposed to buy the Chicago Inter-Ocean, and to put into it"the advertising patronage of the Chicago Tribune, the Republicanism of Horace Greely, and the enterprise of James Gordon Bennett," He wished to raise seventy-five thousand dollars to start the paper with, and applied to a man in Freeport for it, ottering as au inducement to make BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Obstruction of the intestinal canal is a disease so serious in its nature, of so frequent occurrence, and often so unmanageable by the ordinary treatment of glysters and purgatives, that any available addition to the resources of our art, free from danger, and of easy application, cannot fail to be acceptable to the professional public. Whey; the fluid part of milk obtained by separatioa of the curd and oil. This state is succeeded in a few 25 minutes by a calm feeling and sleep.