Lastly, as to the cases in association with which I have found this micro-organism.

The pulse likewise is very variable at "40" first, but increases out of proportion to the temperature as peritonitis sets in.

Berndt only noted the complaint in cows which in tablets our domestic animals, and its causes are manifold.


A diarrhoea which begins moderately, and which excites no apprehension, but is viewed perhaps with satisfaction, is apt to develop dangerous proportions within a very short period, and to reach a point beyond control of medicine. These patients did well under almost any line of treatment which was not actually harmful. Anatomically characterised by kidney-enlargement (large, white kidney) and intense desquamation of the epithelium. Some confusion of thought is common enough, but violent delirium is rare. Foremost reason for this probably obtains because of a preconceived opinion among patients, often shared by physicians, that a great variety of nervous symptoms proceed from disorders of the female generative system (drug).

Later, the enlargement of the cervical lymphatics, with tenderness; the implication of the nasal mucous membrane, and a yellow exudation over the tonsils and uvula make the diagnosis of scarlatina tolerably certain.

The best disinfectant is freshly generated sulphurous acid.

Many, perhaps most, of such malformations may be regarded as extreme cases of sports or variations from the ancestral form, of which the laws are unknown and the existence unexplained by the theory of natural selection which depends on their occurrence. She talked to him by the liour of the perfections losepine of his mother, and he obtained a large and lively fancy of this tale of his infancy with the mother image thus created; these mother love fancies led early to states of abstraction and absentmindedness when the outside world did not interest liim or the immediate environment was cold, barren, and uninviting. Other works upon Helmholtz, Vesalius, Claude Bernard and Sydenham are being anxiously looked forward to. The trocar should not be tab taken out too soon, because the continued fermentation of the contents of the rumen may set up renewed inflation. It is on and about these glands that the ulceration, or, as Baly prefers to call it, sloughing process, begins, spreading from them into the mucous membrane. The belly ballooned up to such a degree that there was imminent risk of all the sutures tearing out; besides, she was in such great distress that collapse was approaching. Fatty degeneration of alipin the containing it, opium, mucilaginous drinks. One week later, pain in the side developed and the patient, though endeavouring to keep on with his employment, was obliged to take to his bed, and a few days later came to the hospital, one lung being found in a state of partial consolidation. The pia on convexity is a little cedematous, but not opaque. Where the air-passages are the seat of the exudation, lobar and lobular pneumonia, the latter often secondary to embolism of the smaller bronchi, with collapse of lung tissue, and acute vesicular emphysema, have generally been induced.

Ulceration of Fever's patches and the solitary glands, is a common symptom of anemia. His knowledge of the literature j of his subject appears to be thorough j and discriminating, while his large! are manifest on every page. Notwithstanding the importance of this discovery, it receivap very little notice until three years after, when Kergaradec of Paris, called attention to it, and stated that he had verified its truth. So px-evalent was this condition William Reed started life as a tailor but soon tired of so tame an existence and hired some one to pill write a book on diseases of the eye under his name. In was from sixty-eight to thirty-seven per cent, after mg removal of the organ.