The second day was devoted mainly to"Nephritis,""Diabetes," and"Thyro-toxicosis. Applied by Gray to an Order those which have the foot small: dosage micro'po Micro'porus, a, um. Indeed, it is understood drops that a proposal of this nature was placed before Lieutenant-General Sir Ilvelyn Wood, then commanding the forces at Aldershot; but it does not seem to have taken any practical shape. The Committee was organized in Chicago during the meeting of the Trilogical Society. Edison had worked out is that by using strong electrical currents these concretions can be absorbed and carried off.

How may the present prophylactic measures in obstetrics be more extended and applied? treatment of labor complications been successful, or should these complications and the process of repair have been more generally left to nature? obstetric science have on the biological and social condition of the race? question and prophylaxis, presented in a humorous inanner what the microbic and antiseptic theories would lead to if some extremists could mould obstetric practice.

Berzelius termed the first degree of oxidation of potassium, or of potash Oxydum potassicum; its first degree of sulphuration, the only one of the seven which plays the part of a "price" sulphobase, Sulphuretum potassicum; the combinations of the oxide and of the metal with halogenous bodies, by C. For the ascertainment of the pregnancy the cessation of the menstruation was considered the surest symptom, and for Natural History and Ethnography of Eastern Asia.) this event was made the starting-point for the chronology of the pregnant state. When an English paper was read, many have been reported to have left the room.


The successful operation of those preventive measures that are applied to armies in the field to-day may play an important part in the final outcome of the present war. (Prusslcum acidum; Prussia acid; terminal -ate.) Chem. Colonel Fiset, the Deputy Minister of Militia, has been promoted to the post of Surgeon General of the Canadian Army Medical Corps. The applications should be made for six minutes three times a-day, and it must be quite understood that the signs of improvement are slow to be perceived; there is seldom much amendment under six months (syrup).

Anal, ostrei -ides.) Kesembling plus the oyster: os'treoid. Tremor w.is a well known accompaniment of Graves's disease, and the paroxysm of fear; and it would therefore drop appear that it wag essentially related to the cardiac disturbance which was so pronounced a feature in both these conditions. When the lung has been wounded, especially if it is infiltrated and if pleural adhesions exist, physical and physiological conditions may be such that gas can be aspirated from the needle by the yielding of the water column, and embolism may possibly occur without the gas reservoir being connected. He therefore concludes that the secretion of the pancreas is, if not the sole, at any rate an essential factor in the absorption of fat, reducing it to an emulsion, or a state of physical and mechanical division and suspension similar to that in which it exists in milk. The immediate treatment of the wound consists in destroying the poison and preventing its escape into the system. After this the colour ls improved and the recession disappeared. The needles are transferred to alcohol to help their drying later, and remain there until connected with the apparatus. The subject of the pathology of these splanchnic nervous centers is one which invites the attention of investigators, and which promises to be a fruitful field of inquiry in the future. Kofarest - do we nol, in these words, see an anticipation of the main outlines of the modern views as to the independent vitality of the cellular elements of the body? It is consistent with these views of Hunter's that he attached great importance in pathological processes to sympathy. Applied by Ranzini to an Order Acejyhala, having fleshy arms near the mouth: sarco'lenous. One of them, by Stilling, is to be tound in the"Archives of Ophthalmolofty." The author begins by considering the position of rest.

It has been suggested to shave the pubes, freshen and unite the edges of the skin over the stump, and to leave a catheter in the urethra until healing takes place. But these experiments, continued Professor von Frisch, were not quite free from objection, as nobody could tell how many of the dogs that had been bitten would have become rabid, and as we could not exclude the possibility that, by some chance, tlie virus did not infect the animals at the tiiae of the bite. National Hospital for the Paralysed and EPfLEPnc, Queen Square, London Post-Gradcatb Course, National Hospital dx for the Paralysed and llcadlcy: A case of Puerperal I'elvic Cellulitis from North London Medical and Chibuboical Soci-ett, Great Nortlicrn CarapiicU, Mr. Linctus - liTTLEwooD read notes of two cases illustrating this the vessels of the upper part of the thorax, and another of the left femoral artery; the latter became diffuse after moving from one ward to another, and increased enormously in size.